I’m not sure why Lion has been so horny lately. It’s only been a few days since his last orgasm and he’s already chomping at the bit. Sometimes I give in to his horniness. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I like when he bucks into me so I let him keep going. Sometimes his bucking amuses me and I decide he should wait longer.

I know he likes consistency, but I don’t want to be consistent with orgasms. He should be happy he has one whenever I give him one. I know he is. I just don’t want him to count on having one every four days, or if he’s very horny, or anything like that. It’s best if change things up, especially when it comes to coming.

I haven’t made Lion wait a long time lately. I think ten days is the longest in quite some time. Maybe I should. The problem with making him wait is that I miss out on my creme filling. If I’m doing all this work to tease him and torture him, I deserve a reward. Yeah, yeah. Sure. I’m making him happy by making him unhappy, but when I want a reward I’m going to let him come so I can have my real reward. I know he doesn’t have a problem with that logic. He’ll tell me it’s perfectly fine with him anytime I want to give him an orgasm, except if I try to do it every day. He’s so agreeable to more orgasms. Of course, he’s agreeable to fewer orgasms as well. If he knows what’s good for him, he’s agreeable to anything.