Sort of a Routine

I think Lion forgot we had diapers in the camper. It was a small sample box and they weren’t the kind that he could wear out anywhere because they’re thin and any pee could potentially leak, but they were useful nonetheless. As we were off on another adventure, I told Lion he’d be wearing diapers when we got back to the camper.

It didn’t surprise me when he made a face. He really doesn’t like wearing diapers. I reminded him that he had suggested diapers all those years ago. I’m sure he both likes and hates when I make him do something like wearing diapers.

When we got back to the camper, Lion got himself halfway naked. It’s been very cold (37 this morning) so he’s been keeping a T shirt on, but no diaper. I asked if I should give him a reminder or just go right for punishment. He had no idea what I was talking about. I gave him a hint and he said he didn’t know he was expected to get into the diaper without my telling him to. But I did tell him. I specifically said, “When we get back and you’re getting yourself naked, you need to put on a diaper.” Oh well. Ultimately he put the diaper on.

The deal was that he pee in the diaper and then he could change for a new one. The thin diapers weren’t good for more than on pee. Sometimes I make him stay in the wet diaper until he needs to pee again. That way he’s always wet. But I didn’t want to take a chance on the diaper leaking. Luckily for Lion, we only had three diapers.

By nine o’clock he was still in a diaper. I hinted that we couldn’t play until he was out of them. Eventually I asked him if he wanted to go into the bedroom. Once he stood up and moved around, he had to pee. Finally! He cleaned himself up and we were off and running.

Lion should always be careful what he asks for. He hasn’t figured that out yet though. He wants to play. I’m not sure he knows what he’s getting himself into. He certainly didn’t think his balls would get swatted. I’m pretty sure he didn’t think he’d have to eat his own cum. Since I didn’t really plan any of it, I didn’t know any of that would happen before we started.

Yes, I know. He just had an orgasm the other day. Why give him another one? Why not? Who’s running this show? I really don’t know why I gave him another one. It wasn’t so he could eat his cum. I didn’t decide that until after his orgasm. I guess I just like to keep him on his toes. I’m pretty sure he likes that too.