Delays, Delays

Poor Lion was stuck in the airport overnight. The plane made it onto the taxiway and then headed back to the gate. There was a problem with the something-or-other that’s crucial to the plane not spinning out of control. I’m happy they discovered this faulty something-or-other before take off. However, they were less than forthcoming when it came to how long it would take to diagnose and fix the problem. Lion, being the troubleshooter that he is, put a hold on a ticket for this morning’s flight and waited for the original flight to take off or be cancelled. Afters hours and hours, they finally cancelled it. Rather than getting in at 10:30 last night, he got in at 10:30 this morning. He certainly knows how to have an adventure. We’re both glad he’s home.

I’m not entirely sure if either of us will be in any shape to play tonight. Lion is trying to get himself back on west coast time. I’m just tired. I have no doubt Lion will sneak in a little nap at some point. He normally does on a weekend anyway. I’ll just have to make sure it’s not a long enough nap to interfere with his sleeping tonight. Today and tonight will probably be our snuggle time. Play can wait until tomorrow or whenever.

After a quick shower and change of clothes for Lion, we went out to lunch. Lion dutifully waited for me to tell him it was OK for him to eat. Even as tired as he is, and a week of not having to wait to eat, he remembered. I didn’t. It only took me a second to realize he was waiting for me though.

Lion did very well with the assignments. At the tally on Thursday, he had sixteen points. Yesterday he sent me some incredible pictures. Although they weren’t on his list, I have to give him points for them. And he was creative enough to find a miniature Eiffel Tower and send me a picture. He said since I used it as an example in my post, he wanted to send it to me. I think he did a fantastic job on his first set of assignments. Now I’ll have to find more assignments for his next trip.