Thoughts on the Blog

Two and a half years. That’s how long Lion has been locked in his chastity device. I don’t always pay attention to the numbers on the right side of the screen that tell how long ago Lion had his orgasm and how long he has to wait for another one. It caught my eye this morning. Two years and six months locked up. Of course it hasn’t been non-stop. But still. That’s a long time.

So much has changed and so much has stayed the same. He’s had a few jobs in that time. I’ve had one. We’ve lived in the same house. We’ve traveled to many different places in our camper. We’ve done “just” enforced chastity. We added female led relationship. I was in charge. Then I was really in charge. The biggest thing that’s stayed the same is that we love each other. I don’t think any of this would have been possible if we didn’t.

Enforced chastity wasn’t some hail Mary pass to save our marriage. We weren’t in any danger of splitting up. But we had certainly backed off in the sex department. It’s true, we could have sat down and talked about sex and what our challenges were, but I don’t think either of us wanted to be that vulnerable. I think it would have led to hurt feelings. What do you mean, I always do that? What do you mean, I never do that? Somehow, the cage and this blog have been very therapeutic.

I’ve always found it easier to express my feelings by writing rather than face to face. First, I think, there’s no one staring at you and you can’t see the look on their face. If they laugh at you or think you’re crazy, you are insulated by the fact that you are not right in front of them when they read it. Second, they can’t interrupt. You have your time to get it all out there without someone saying, “Yes, but, what about blah, blah, and blah?” Or worse yet, “This is ridiculous!”

Now I’m not saying either of us would do that to the other intentionally. I tend to try to take it all in before I form an opinion. I think that bothers Lion because I don’t have an immediate response to things. Lion, on the other hand, tends to be a steamroller. He has an opinion almost immediately and if he thinks he’s right, he’s coming right up the middle so watch out. Part of the reason for the rule about interrupting is to try to curb that. And I’m also not saying these traits are good or bad or only apply to sexual issues. It’s just the way we are.

The blog allows me to get my thoughts out without interruption. It also allows me to digest Lion’s thoughts so I can form an opinion. I am grateful to Lion for starting this blog. It has helped us tremendously. I hope it has helped you as well.