30 Months And Counting

As Mrs. Lion noted yesterday, I’ve been locked in a chastity device (almost all the time) for two and a half years. It doesn’t seem that long to me. For almost the entire time we have been writing this blog. If numbers interest you, we’ve written 1,648 posts so far. That amounts to about 900,000 words, or 100 books. That’s a lot. We should be over a million words by the end of the year.

Is there really that much to say about enforced chastity and a female led relationship? There aren’t. But when you blend these practices into the dynamics of a relationship, the story lasts a lifetime. What many people miss in the beginning is that both enforced chastity and FLR are not simply sexual power exchanges. They can represent life-altering choices that changes almost everything about the lives of the practitioners.

That’s not really as crazy as it sounds at first. For example, before we began this adventure, Mrs. Lion rarely voiced an opinion about choices we had to make. She accepted mine with little or no discussion. I don’t think it was because she didn’t have one. I think it was more that she decided it was easier to go along than to risk arguing or other unpleasantness brought on by disagreement. That bothered me a lot.

In the beginning of enforced chastity and FLR, that dynamic didn’t change. We both weren’t sure that what we were doing was any more than a 24/7 form of BDSM play. Mrs. Lion thought I would “get over it” eventually and things would return to normal. It was, after all, my idea. Eventually we both realized it didn’t matter if I wanted to stop or not. It was part of our lives. Mrs. Lion also realized that her power required her to get more involved in decision making. She also decided that she could harness my “steamroller” tendencies to leave room for her to consider things and then render her opinion.

She was changing my behavior. In the process hers was changing too. A kinder, gentler lion was emerging. At the same time a more assertive lioness was more firmly in control. The process is physically painful for me. Mrs. Lion delivers serious spankings. It’s emotionally difficult for her. Even so, I don’t think we could stop this even if we wanted. We both recognize that our power exchange has made us both happier. Our communications have improved dramatically. The combination of writing daily posts and the very real rules she makes and I follow, provide a very workable way to bring out the best in both of us.

Thirty months ago I would have never suggested that enforced chastity or FLR were irreversible processes for us. I certainly would have never considered that the nature of our relationship would change forever. And, I would have argued violently that my personality would not be changed because of what seemed to be a fun, sexy, BDSM power exchange. I learned a lot in thirty months.