Life Goes On

Yesterday, I had the final interview for the job I have been working to get for over two months. Now, more waiting. I hope that this time there won’t be too much delay before I learn my fate. I don’t deal well with uncertainty. I realize that’s an odd thing for me to say. Alas, it’s true. That trait makes my surrender more difficult. Fortunately, Mrs. Lion knows this about me and manages to keep my stress level down to a manageable point. That doesn’t mean she avoids “surprising” me. But her surprises don’t affect our ability to survive. I crave stability; at least for a while.

You  didn’t come here to listen to me whine about unemployment. It’s hard for me to turn my mind to anything else. Thursday night Mrs. Lion gave me an unexpected orgasm. I figured it was at least, partly to help me be more relaxed for the interview yesterday. She used the sure-fire Magic Wand. As they say, it couldn’t hurt.

When things get tough, Mrs. Lion and I become more of a team. The FLR division blurs a little. We work very well together. So, the fun, FLR stuff goes a bit into the background. That’s not to say I am free to break rules. I’m not. I am also firmly locked into the chastity device. But our conversations barely reference our power exchange. Mundane topics take over. As I wrote yesterday, one of the risks we face is the gradual fade out of FLR. I don’t think we are in danger of that now. Mrs. Lion is being more understanding of my tender emotional state. She allows me a few small growls now and then. Any more and I will be in trouble.

Maybe the proof that a relationship has successfully assimilated FLR and enforced chastity comes when life takes a turn for the worse. Can the power exchange adapt without breaking? Does the chastity device remain in place when practical? Do both of you look for ways to keep these things alive when it become more and more difficult to do it? We do. I think our prospects are very good that we are in this for life.