Our weekend was great. I doubt that most people would find what we did very exciting. We shopped, had lunch at Arby’s and worked on our lawn tractor. Oh yes, Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm on Sunday night. Yesterday was different. Mrs. Lion went off to work and I had a day alone. She finds it hard to believe that I don’t like that. If I weren’t around, I think she would be a hermit. She finds endless things to do with her computer from Facebook to various online games. I am almost immediately bored with what I find online. I do enjoy reading other FLR and enforced chastity blogs. But that doesn’t eat up too much time.

So I began my Monday by rewatching some episodes of “Mozart in the Jungle” and then did the laundry. I’m yawning writing about it. The highlight of my day was a trip to Safeway supermarket to refill a prescridsption and buy some veggies for dinner. Last night’s culinary triumph was meatloaf, corn on the cob, and sauteed green beans. Are you yawning too? My libido is low since I did come on Sunday night.

I did get a couple of calls from head hunters who were touting jobs that required skills I don’t have. These people do searches on various job sites and do keyword searches. So if my resume has the word “financial” in it, they call me about a financial manager job. They don’t even take the time to skim my resume. I’m not a financial manager. I don’t know SAP and I am not interested in junior jobs paying half what I typically earn; at least not yet. Job hunting is tiring.

One other side effect of all this spare time is that I reflect in detail on recent events. Yesterday I realized that I have been consistently breaking one of Mrs. Lion’s rules. I haven’t been thanking her for spanking me. I don’t feel very thankful, but it is a rule. I will do better. She, on the other hand, has been on the ball. Sunday night when she spanked me, she said something new. After she finished, she said, “Interrupting me annoys me. When I’m annoyed, your butt is sore.” It was.

During my “me” time yesterday, I realized that her statement is pure FLR. She is making me sure that I understand that any time I cause her any grief, the pain will be mine. I may have asked for rules and punishment, but she has made practical use of my request. My lioness is asserting herself. That’s great. I’m proud of her.

Perhaps today will be more interesting. I’m out of laundry so I hope something comes up.

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    Oh how I can relate. My normal has changed drastically. Went from working fulltime to not at all. Having kiddos in the house to an empty-nester. I would hermit for sure! But I do get board and I do let my thoughts run. There are only so many loads of laundry and floors to clean.

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