It’s lunchtime on Friday. I’ve completed the last scheduled interview for this new position. I’ve been informed that I will move on to being interviewed by a VP. As of now, the job is still alive. There is a bit of competition. One or two others will repeat my interview loop next week. This is a new position in a new group. There is no consistency about exactly what I would be doing. I like that. I thrive in ambiguity.

I realize I have only been out of work for a week, but it feels like a year to me. Aside from the obvious economic impact of no work, there is the emotional cost too. Rejection always hurts, a lot. It’s little wonder that my mind has strayed from enforced chastity, FLR, and BDSM these last days. I’ve also lost interest in cooking as well. I’m hopeful that tonight I will, at least, be a bit horny. Who knows? I appreciate all of the support our readers have offered. It helps a lot. On the brighter side, the weather is amazing. It’s going to be a warm, sunny weekend. I love that. I’m sorry that I keep going on about the job situation. It’s far from the only thing in our lives.

Through all this I have been very careful to follow my rules; perhaps more careful than I’ve been before. As a result, there were no punishments last night, or for that matter, on Monday night either. Well, maybe it isn’t that I’m being more careful. It can be that Mrs. Lion is overlooking infractions. I hope not.

I am very happy that our power exchange isn’t affected. I remain locked in the chastity device. Mrs. Lion has given no sign that anything has changed on her side. She is firmly in charge. She has been having some stomach issues herself. This, of course, makes any unnecessary movement uncomfortable. I hope she will feel better this weekend. It may be time to get back to normal. I would like that.

My guess is that we are getting ready to get back into action. If Mrs. Lion is feeling better this weekend, I expect you will have something more interesting to read later today and tomorrow. Enough moping from this lion.

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    Lion, I expect and think this will work out for you. Might be time for a serious stress relief spanking for you, and as you approach your final interview, it might be good that you remain locked and chaste for 2-3 days before to help you “keep your edge.” Wishing you the best and will be following closely.

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