A Post About Nothing

I never liked Seinfeld but it seemed a fitting title since there’s nothing new to report on the sex front. I wasn’t feeling well last night so we didn’t play. I didn’t even unlock Lion because I was afraid to move too much for fear of feeling worse. Lion did, however, seem friskier. He’s very optimistic about his job hunt. Both the hiring manager and recruiter have been very encouraging. Without putting all our ducks in one basket or having our eggs in a row (Lion just loves mixed metaphors), the outlook is promising.

Of course, I think everyone should love Lion. When he was out of work last time I wanted to go to the interviewers and smack them for not seeing how wonderful he is. Ultimately I settled on deciding it was their loss. They didn’t get to work with him. Unfortunately they don’t know what they missed out on. However, I’m very smart. I grabbed him when I had the chance. And I’m not letting go.

I’ve decided I’m not making any predictions about this weekend’s activities. We’ve got lots to do around the house since the weather is supposed to be nice. It’s also supposed to be hot. Over 90 on Sunday. Blech. I don’t like hot weather. I’m happy with mid 70s. We’ll see how long either of us lasts outside in the heat. With Lion’s hit and miss friskiness, it’s possible we’ll play but I’m not willing to jinx it. We’ll continue to play it by ear. I don’t mind letting Lion call the shots in this case. It’s not like he’s in charge. I can always veto things. Or 2.0 can put her own special twist on his request.

For now, the sun is out on both the job front and Lion front. Lion weather may match the actual weather this weekend. We’ll see.