He’ll Be Restrained

One of the perils of a three day weekend is knowing you have an extra day. Oh, we can do that tomorrow…. I guess we really did what we do every weekend. We let the day quietly slip away so by the time we did a few errands it was late. Then dinner was late. Then playing was late. And Lion said he was broken again because he’d been horny earlier but not by the time we got around to playing.

Fast forward to today, when the dog woke us up early and I have every intention of doing things today, but who knows if we will. I’m thinking, at the very least, if we pretend it’s any other Sunday, we’ll do laundry and some other chores and play later although not as late as yesterday. And then Monday we can really concentrate on playing since it’s our bonus day. That sounds like a good plan on “paper”. However, it looks like another rainy day (big shocker) so the outdoor chores will probably wait another day. So maybe we’ll be able to really play both days.

I’m hoping to catch Lion at his horniest. I’m not sure when that is but perhaps we need to drop everything and play then. I don’t want him thinking he’s broken because I delayed playing and he isn’t up for playing when I initiate. I was also thinking last night of testing out a concept Lion mentioned about a week ago. He would have ten seconds to see if he could get me interested in sex. I think ten seconds is too short a time even in the best of circumstances. I was thinking either thirty seconds or a full minute would be better. I’m still not sure it would work but we’d have a better shot at it than ten seconds. Of course, trying to get me turned on has little to do with turning Lion on, although he has said it sometimes gets him hard pleasuring me. I’m just worried that if it doesn’t work for me, then he’ll feel like he failed. And I’ll feel like I failed because he feels like he failed. And around and around we go.

At any rate, Lion will get some sort of play time today. I’m thinking the sling is the most likely scenario. He’ll be restrained and I can do so many different things to him. And he’ll be restrained. He loves that part so it’s worth mentioning twice.