It Feels Good To Feel Good

Duh! That’s what I hear you saying to yourself when you read the title of this post. Beside being redundant, it’s also obvious. I don’t think so, at least about being obvious. Let me explain. I’ve been feeling down about the fact that my current employment assignment is ending shortly. I worry that it will take a long time to find more work. I’ve also been uninterested in sex. Tuesday night my libido returned. That feels good.

For guys locked in a chastity device, being horny doesn’t always equate with feeling good. It is frustrating. Some prefer losing interest in sex when they can’t have it. I like it a lot when I’m locked up and horny. I like it when I’m unlocked and horny too. I like to be horny. Colors are brighter, music sounds better. Naah. That’s not true. But when I am horny my thoughts turn to things I truly love to think about.

When I’m horny, I look for new ways 2.0 can torture me. When I’m horny I am way less interested in my comfort than I am in sexual attention. I’m more agreeable. I’ve learned that quickly saying yes to Mrs. Lion leads to good things for me. I also love to be edged. I know, I know, it is frustrating and when she stops stimulating me I wish she would continue. But my overall reaction is pleasure. I truly love the buildup of excitement. I crave Mrs. Lion’s touch. I adore the sunggles afterward.

Also, when I am horny I tend to be more optimistic about the problems facing me. My job search looks brighter. The bills become more manageable. Isn’t sex amazing?

Here’s the part that astounded me when I noticed it: Enforced chastity with the very limited opportunities to ejaculate enhances the positive benefits I get from being horny. It’s not just that I stay horny a lot longer than I would if free to come when I want. It’s that there is an external force, Mrs. Lion/2.0, who owns my arousal and eventual release. Everything about my sex life is completely under her control. I can’t even get an erection without her cooperation.

It could be my anticipation and the excitement each night knowing that it could be the night. It could also be my knowledge that my only opportunity for sexual stimulation is next to me in bed. I would never have said this before enforced chastity, but the very fact that I can’t masturbate or even get hard without my lioness is exciting. In the past I would have said that jerking off didn’t have any effect on my sexual interest in her. It didn’t in one way, but on a much deeper level this absolute dependence turns out to make a big difference to me. Live and learn.


  1. Author

    Great observation – everything is better when you’re horny. Don’t know why I never noticed that before.
    Madam recently observed that she doesn’t need a chastity device for me because I enjoy being forbidden to touch myself, and obey. Do you think it makes a difference for you to be locked up and therefore unable to touch, rather than choosing to obey?

    1. Author

      I like knowing that I can’t touch myself. When I am allowed to run around wild, I still don’t touch because it is forbidden. For me, at least, the device sends me a 24-hour-a-day message that my lioness controls sex for me. I think it also reminds her that is the case as well.

  2. Author

    I find that the non-determinism of when I get to have an orgasm, and the fact that it’s not up to me, both are very hot for me. This does cause me to be horny much of the time, and you’re right – life is better that way!

    A (somewhat) applicable apothegm I heard: “Your mind is more flexible when you have a hard-on.”…

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