Melted Lion

This time I did it. This time I broke Lion. He said he was horny and I broke him. I used Velcro on him and we flew too close to the sun. Lion melted. Damn.

I know he doesn’t like the Velcro, but I didn’t know it would absolutely turn him off. I guess he wasn’t desperate enough for an orgasm to withstand those tiny little teeth biting into him. And I should have used the Magic Wand to recover him but I was too lazy to get up to get it. Not lazy, really. More uncomfortable. But that’s not the point. I could have helped the situation and I didn’t. With all my talk of baby steps, I jumped in with both feet before Lion was back to tree-humping horny.

I vow to redeem myself this weekend. No trips to the casino. Some errands to run and chores to do, but plenty of time to play with my Lion. We haven’t done any anal training in a week or so. I wonder if I could have gotten Lion horny if I had maintained some sort of schedule of pegging or anal play of any sort. Sometimes he doesn’t respond to that unless he’s horny. It’s too much pain or discomfort with none of the frills. Sometimes I play with his balls or his cock while I peg him. If he’s not interested, that wouldn’t help. I guess it’s a case of coulda, woulda, shoulda. It’s in the past now.

Looking forward to tonight, which Lion has already reminded me is punishment night, I could pull out the Magic Wand and see if that makes a horny boy a hornier boy. So far he has nothing on his punishment list. If he hasn’t earned any hard swats, he might enjoy some play swats. Tied to the bed, face down. I haven’t done that in a very long time. Yes, that’s a good plan. If Lion manages to get through the day with no infractions, he can have a long, slow buildup of play swats. That alone may redeem me from last night’s fiasco. Not that he won’t get play time this weekend. I just want to make up for my mistake last night. A nice spanking might just do the trick. Especially if he’s tied up. And now he has something to look forward to all day. You’re welcome, my pet.

[Lion — It’s not your fault. I’m just not functioning that well right now. Lots of stress looking for another job. I’m not sure that even if the velcro wasn’t taken out that I would have been OK. I hate disappointing.]