As the Lion Squirms

What the heck was 2.0 thinking? Why give Lion an orgasm when he hadn’t even met his “maybe” date yet? Why give him an orgasm when he was sure he’d have to wait until April? Well, there’s your answer. 2.0 likes to throw curve balls. 2.0 likes to do the unexpected. 2.0 likes to shake things up. And 2.0 is also curious how quickly Lion will regain his extreme horniness. Was it a fluke that he was so horny? Is it really 2.0 and her technique that has him crazy? Or was something else at work? Stay tuned for those and other answers on “As the Lion Squirms”.

As for yesterday’s activities, Lion was able to take two different dildos for a long time. It might have been a struggle, and 2.0 didn’t give in even when it was clear he was not having fun, but he took it like a trooper. He was still feeling it afterwards. We’re not sure if it was the length of time, more lube needed, or 2.0 not slowing down like 1.0 would have. The bottom line (no pun intended) is that Lion did very well with the dildos. I even stopped, edged him, and then went back to the dildo for a bit more.

I edged him both by hand and by mouth. He was definitely turning into a puddle by the time I decided to give him an orgasm. It was funny to watch him hump air in the sling. I got him so close a few times, he looked like he was in pain. But no ruined orgasm. We’ve both been doing very well avoiding them. I’m not exactly sure how since I get him almost too close sometimes. When I finally, purposely, went to far, I was rewarded with a nice mouthful of Lion creme filling. I had him so excited and so horny, I can’t imagine what the release must have felt like.

His next date is the 30th. I know. Not a very long wait. We’ll see how it goes. If he bounces back to super horny quickly, he might just get an orgasm around the 30th. If not, he might be in for a longer wait. You just never know what 2.0 will do.