Yesterday was a better day for me. While I’m still not particularly horny, I spent the day having fond thoughts of Mrs. Lion doing things to me. This is a big improvement over Sunday when I couldn’t get interested in anything sexual. I have no idea why this has come over me, but the clouds seem to be on their way out.

Also yesterday I got the ever-so-predictable, lame comment from “Jim” accusing me of topping from the bottom. This is what it said:

OMG! Lion is a Master at “topping from the bottom”….

I decided to show this to you because it is very typical of how some people who have no idea what enforced chastity or FLR is about. You see, Jim, it’s this way. No real-life, full-time power exchange is practiced where the bottom has no say about anything. That’s just an insane Internet fantasy. In real life, people aren’t always in “play” mode. In our case, Mrs. Lion and I have full lives with jobs, bills, pets, and other day-to-day stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with enforced chastity or FLR.

I don’t know how it is in your house, Jim, but in ours playtime is just that: a chance to do some sensation play and if I am lucky, some sexual teasing with an occasional orgasm thrown in. Mrs. Lion wants to know how I am feeling. She is topping me because she knows I want that. Sexual teasing and BDSM play are for my benefit. That’s pretty much the case with everyone. When I was topping, I enjoyed what I did, but mostly I was getting my pleasure from seeing how my bottom reacted. I liked being able to take her on a sensation journey.

Jim, very few tops are interested in expending the energy required to provide sensation to the bottom if they know the bottom isn’t going to have fun. Only fantasy “doms” aren’t interested in how their “subs” are doing. In real life, the idea is for everyone to end up happy, if not sexually satisfied.

Mrs. Lion is performing a service for me. She is providing me with activities that contribute to me being a happy lion. Do I want her to do things to me I don’t like? Yes! Do I want her to make me wait for an orgasm no matter how horny I am? You bet! But Jim, I am not that happy about putting us both through a scene that ends up with Mrs. Lion feeling that she did something wrong and with me feeling that I let her down. Nope, we don’t want that.

So, Jim, If things aren’t going well Mrs. Lion and I talk about it. If she decides that my desire to avoid play is genuine, she is happy to stop the action until we are both ready to go again. You see, Jim, we are a couple first and foremost. We do things to make each other happy. Yes, we have a  power exchange. And yes, Jim, Mrs. Lion has the final word. And no, Jim, she doesn’t consider it topping from the bottom if I say I am not feeling great about playing just then.



  1. Author

    She: Tell me what you want me to do to you.
    He: But that would be topping from the bottom.
    She: Why can’t you follow a simple instruction?
    Wonder how “Jim” resolves the logic of that one.

  2. Author

    Poor misunderstood Lion, Your extreme reaction to my comment proves my point! Guilty as charged.

    1. Author

      Jim, you are a putz and provocateur. Get a life.

    2. Author

      So even when Mrs. Lion has the final say, Lion is topping from the bottom.
      Got it.
      Wait what?!?

  3. Author

    I like that you are in a loving relationship! That’s part of what makes your blog so good–that and the honesty and the different perspectives from you both. I understand your position and believe that Jim may have been joking initially. But now he seems entrenched in ‘showing’ you up.

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