2.0 made some serious miscalculations. Under the assumption the song was correct (“when they get what they want, they never want it again”), she gave Lion what he wanted. You know, be careful what you wish for. But Lion wished for exactly what he wanted. And now he’s asking for more. Well, not necessarily more. He wants to continue. 2.0 thought maybe he’d retreat into a corner and lick his wounds. Nope! He’s bouncing off the walls horny and wondering what’s next. It’s sort of like a sugar high.

I realize he doesn’t want things every night. He’s just very excited. Maybe we can do this. Maybe we can try that. Why’d you stop X? I really liked when you did Y. Z was really mean; do it again! If he wasn’t a giant kid before, he certainly is now. And he’s convinced I know what I’m doing. Ha! I’m stumbling along just like before except 2.0 has decided there will be fewer filters. If Lion wants to up the ante, 2.0 is definitely going all in. Did that hurt too much? Too bad. You asked for it.

Lion has asked if we can play in the sling again this weekend. I think he’s addicted. Does he want more hot sauce on his balls? Does he want more pegging? Does he want more figging? The answer is yes to all of the above. 2.0 has a few more days to figure out what sort of torture Lion should endure in the sling. Any suggestions from our readers? Will it be mean? Probably. Will he love it? Probably.

The other night Lion told me 2.0 is wonderful. I said he better hope there’s no 3.0. I can’t imagine what she’d do to him.


  1. Author

    You asked for suggestions for Lion for this weekend and I would suggest you fire him up with a spanking before pegging him.

  2. Author

    I think you can try showering by cold water. When I am not doing what is expected from me, my wife gives me shower with cold water for few minutes, while I am kneeling blinfolded and cuffed in the tube. She is not using spanking etc., but after this I know what is expected from me :-). Usually she gives me more work at home. Maybe bigger work load and cold punishments can be good for 3.0

  3. Author

    Ma’am, you should buy a “wartonberg wheel. It’s a small pin wheel that tickle stings were ever you roll it
    You will have lion’s absolute attention

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