Taking Stock 2015

Here we are. Another year has gone by. Most of it was very difficult for us due to me being out of work for seven months. However, we progressed nicely with enforced chastity and a little foray into wife-led marriage. We haven’t given up on that idea, but we will have to evolve into Mrs. Lion taking a larger role.

We decided to be more serious about domestic discipline in 2015. Mrs. Lion chooses spanking as her primary method of punishing me. Her spankings have gotten much more severe. However, I can still stop one early by objecting strongly and turning over. This reflects badly on me. We have a goal that I should take any level of spanking without squirming or trying to stop it. I need a lot of work in this area. One of my resolutions for next year is to learn to take any spanking without trying to get away. I’m not sure I will be able to hold completely still, but it is a goal. To do this, I will need frequent, painful spankings to train me to suck it up. I trust my lioness will do this for me.

In terms of enforced chastity, nearly-daily-edging is the rule now. Mrs.Lion pushes me very close to orgasm over and over. We’ve had far fewer ruined orgasms lately as her skill is further refined. We’ve also discovered that I respond strongly to the Magic Wand vibrator. Mrs. Lion has become very skilled at edging me with that as well. I’ve grown not to expect orgasms when I get very horny. This is a change. Earlier, Mrs. Lion would let me come if I was desperate enough. Now, she has no such interest. She wants me as horny as possible.

My wait between orgasms averages out to about once ever week to ten days. I think we might extend that a bit next year. Of course, I don’t know Mrs. Lion’s plans, but I expect that the average will be a bit longer as she enjoys my horniness more. For no apparent reason other than her much more efficient and frequent teasing, I find myself trying to get hard inside my cage at odd moments. That rarely occurred in 2014. Also, the second anniversary of my not masturbating is coming up in a week or so. That’s the longest I’ve kept my hands off myself in my life.

As a couple we remain completely and happily in love. I am hers with or without a cage or domestic discipline. Speaking of which, over 2015 the discipline was administered for infractions of the few rules we have. I had no trouble agreeing that I deserved her punishments. As we grow into FLR and domestic discipline, I expect that in 2016 this will change. Punishments will probably be more frequent and closer to the offense. I will not need to understand and agree to the justice of the administration of unpleasant and painful punishments. This is a change that will reinforce my acceptance of Mrs. Lion’s authority.

I think this is necessary. We both are just skirting around the edge of true FLR. I don’t think that Mrs. Lion has to take over the finances or other areas I handle, but it is probably time that she begins erring on the side of unfair when it comes to punishment. We both have to accept that is our plan and act accordingly. That means, at least to me, even maintenance spankings are as painful as punishments. I want to learn how to control myself so I stop trying to escape. I don’t like that about myself.

In my opinion, our biggest accomplishment of 2015 is our agreement that we will continue with enforced chastity and domestic discipline permanently. We has originally agreed to a review in March 2016, but we decided to move that date forward and we agreed that our course is permanent. I have agreed to be caged for life with breaks as Mrs. Lion sees fit. She  will continue evolving into her own version of FLR and will use domestic discipline as she wishes.

Those decisions make 2015 a watershed year for us. While you may not be able to make a lion submissive, you can train him to be a well-behaved pet.