spanking spoon
Mrs. Lion’s wooden spoon is about 24 inches long and very thick and heavy. She spanks me with the back of the spoon. I can’t help but squirm with each swat.

Here it is Sunday morning. Really, it is Saturday night now. I will be asleep when this publishes. So far my interest in sex hasn’t returned. I am still uncaged. I’m hoping the sexual sun will come out later. I wasn’t even interested in sensation play. Mrs. Lion is confident my interest will return soon. I’m hoping it will be very soon, like before we go to sleep tonight. If not, she assures me that she will try again tomorrow. Stay tuned for her post.

We spent a lot of Saturday shopping for household stuff. Later today I will be making some mushroom beef barley soup and maybe a batch of marinara sauce. It’s been about 50 degrees F and raining all day. In fact, it’s been raining all week. We are on a mountainside so we haven’t had any flooding, but travel and going outside is annoying and chilly. Hence the need to make some soup to warm us.

I appreciate Mrs. Lion’s efforts to be the dominant member of our marriage. It’s contrary to her nature to be in charge. My original expectations were unfair to say the least. I presented her the idea of enforced chastity and later FLR. She immediately agreed to both Fortunately, I asked for enforced chastity first. It took her a long time to grow into her role. She still is a bit of a softy, but she has made mammoth strides. Yesterday afternoon, for example, I interrupted her as we were walking into the supermarket. When we got home, she got out her mean wooden spoon, had me turn over, and administered a very painful spanking. I wasn’t good about it. I tried to roll over a couple of times.  She made me turn over and continued. That’s progress.

I sometimes worry that I an taking advantage of Mrs. Lion’s good nature. I know that she isn’t really interested in a dominant role. She has had to struggle to handle assuming the role as keyholder and disciplinarian. I know she is doing it out of love for me. I feel selfish. It’s unlikely she will suddenly enjoy her role. At best, she accepts it. Since we are almost at the two year mark in enforced chastity, I know she isn’t going to quit as keyholder or my loving lioness. I’m very grateful for that. I’m also sure that she has sufficiently assumed her role to keep me locked up permanently. Well, she does let me out for play, doctors’ visits, and “just because”. There aren’t many nights I go to sleep with nothing locked around my penis. We both agree that is the way things should be for us. And so they are.