As you’ve read, Lion found some ginger on our last shopping trip. He hints at it from time to time when we’re in the produce section. The truth is, you can find all sort of “normal” things that can be used for other than their original purpose. I joke that Lion’s favorite store is Home Depot, but he can find toys just about anywhere.

Lion loves coconut oil. I think we may have used it several years ago. He says it’s a wonderful lube and smiles every time we see it in the store. With the big gluten-free movement, there is now coconut flour, coconut sugar, and coconut oil in Costco. He always makes the comment that he bets most people don’t use it the way he likes to use it.

Hardware stores are definitely a great place to get toys. The rope and chain aisle gets Lion’s attention every time. I think that’s the same aisle I found the infamous Velcro cable ties. You can get pulleys and eyebolts. All sorts of great ideas for the do it yourself kinky person. People have even converted reciprocating saws into fucking machines. The sky’s the limit, it seems.

I think it was about ten years ago, Target introduced a new kind of prescription bottle. They had different colored rings for each member of the family. It just so happens that those rings make nice cock rings. They are sturdy enough to hold their shape, but flexible enough to stretch to fit.

Pets stores have dog collars, food bowls, leashes, and Lion’s “favorite” shock collar converted to a ball shocker. Housewares has clothes pins. Craft department have the nasty little dollhouse clothes pins and sometimes paddles intended for craft use, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. [Lion – But it will hurt me]

And there is, of course, the evil Icy Hot and Bengay. Evil, evil things that were definitely not invented for cock and ball use. More recently, Icy Hot has come out with Smart Relief which is a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit. It can do some magical things when used in an off-label way.

I bet you had no idea you could get some holiday shopping ideas from our blog. You’re welcome!

figged maleMrs. Lion and I ventured out and stopped at our local supermarket. There in the produce department was a nice selection of ginger root. Cooking Chinese? Thai? Nope. Figging! Ginger root adds heat to many dishes. Properly prepared, it will provide anal entertainment. Figging has long been used as a punishment and for BDSM play.

Figging is a great example of play with improvised “toys”. In this case, purchase ginger root. Like the one in the picture [right], it has reasonably straight cylindrical parts. The root should be thick enough so you can carve it into a nice butt plug shape. It needs to be wide enough to challenge your bottom’s anus. It needs to be a very tight fit. Thicker is better in this case.

Preparation is easy. Cut the root so that you have at least one fairly straight piece at least five-inches long. If you can get a longer piece, it is better. Next trim the piece to get rid of big nubs. Now take your veggie peeler and remove the skin. Use a knife to give the end a nice rounded shape. Some people actually carve a butt plug shape. The narrower neck of that shape will help retain the ginger. The image [Left] illustrates some nice ginger carving.

If you’re wondering why you are doing this art project, wonder no more. Ginger contains essential oils that produce an intensely hot sensation when applied to sensitive areas of the body like the anus or vagina. See where we are going? When you fig your bottom, you are inserting the peeled and carved ginger where the “sun don’t shine.” The sensations produced are very intense. You may want him restrained. The procedure is simple: Insert the ginger and assure it stays where you put it. Do not use any lube. Take your time if it doesn’t go in easily, but do not use lube.

Within a short time, he will begin to feel an intense burning sensation. He isn’t really being injured. It’s the essential oils at work. The sensation will build and stay very intense for about ten minutes. Depending on the individual the sensation may become intolerable. As the top, you can decide if it needs to come out before the oils are exhausted. It depends on how much of a softie you are.

For figging, ginger improves with age. A couple of weeks in the vegetable compartment of your fridge will intensify the sensation the root will deliver. You may want to buy extra on your shopping trip to experiment with aged root and see how it compares with the fresh product.

Figging can be used as a punishment; in which case you probably won’t remove it until the effect wears off. In any case, once you try it, a trip to the produce department will never been the same.


There’s nothing I want less than to go shopping on Black Friday. We do have to run an errand later but if I can help it I will avoid any area that is near a store. Since we’ll be heading out in the afternoon we should miss most of the craziness anyway.

By last evening, Lion and I were full. We were both tired and I figured there would be no play on his mind. However, at 9:30ish, Lion told me he hadn’t been freed in three days. I love his math. I reminded him he was unlocked Tuesday when I fondled him to no effect. He said he didn’t get hard so it didn’t count. I told him it wasn’t my fault he didn’t get hard and it did so count. It was only two nights in a row since he’d been unlocked. He hasn’t been very horny anyway. At 10 he told me he was a little horny, but he could wait until tonight. What a trooper! [Lion — I am, aren’t I?]

In all the flurry of Thanksgiving cooking, he forgot to remind me it was punishment day. My phone reminded me at 9. When I whomped his butt for it, he said it was silly since he had just forgotten to tell me it was punishment day when he had nothing on his list. Oops! Now he had something on his list. Apparently Lion likes the rules except when he is too busy to remember them. In fairness, I missed my phone telling me at 8 and barely heard it buzz at 9. But it’s not my responsibility to remember it. Fair is fair.

Tonight, Lion will be unlocked and played with. He has five days until his scheduled orgasm. So I have five days to get him horny again. Each time he goes through a non-horny cycle he’s positive he’ll never be horny again. He swears he’s broken. Silly Lion. Doesn’t he know I have ways of curing that?

We’ve had a nice Thanksgiving at home; turkey breast, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, and pie. It was just the two of us. Our families are across the continent. It’s a very good thing that we like each other’s company so much. We watched the Lions beat the Eagles. It’s always good when lions win. Of course, we are Giants fans, but we have a natural affinity for the Lions. Sexually, nothing much is going on. I read that Mrs. Lion is planning something in the dungeon this weekend. It would be nice if those plans come to fruition. I haven’t been terribly horny lately, so the lack of teasing isn’t troubling.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that the majority of my adult life I have been a top; in Internet terms, a dom. I’ve acquired a great deal of knowledge on that subject. I’m considering whether I should share some of that knowledge. Of course that won’t be on this blog, I am securely situated as the bottom here. In my online reading I find that many writers believe that a “dom” worthy of respect has never “subbed”. Ok, that’s the last time I use those hateful Internet terms. Here, you are a top if you provide the sensation and a bottom if you experience it. So, I am a bottom since my sexuality (and other stuff) is controlled by Mrs. Lion. However, I am not submissive. I’m just me. From a BDSM perspective, I’m a switch.

The reason I started wondering how I would be accepted when I wear my top hat (get it?), was when I read a site was looking for a writer on dominant topics. I sent an email to them and got back a pretty puzzling response. As an example of my writing I offered the URL to this blog. The reply I got suggested that all I offered were just “posts”. Humph! Somehow this person thinks that posts aren’t “real” exposition. I took the trouble to reply and pointed out that there are standard articles on this site too – lots of them. In fact, about half of our visitors start off on one of those pages.

And then I started realizing that a lot of Internet “doms” believe that anyone who bottoms is incapable of commanding respect. The email was well written and I am still interested in contributing. But I’m pretty sure that real life experience as a top pales next to the online exploits in fetlife and other Internet dungeons that some enjoy. It is extremely easy to be a “true dom” if all you have to do is type. In real life things are much more complicated. For one thing, when you are on the handle-side of the whip or paddle, the person on the other end is having way too much fun. I don’t know many real life tops who don’t go to the dark side and bottom now and then. I’ve traveled there and I like it. Another top and author I know also has been bottoming for several years now. Tsk, tsk.

I decided to write about this here because there is an important lesson buried in this. People are not so easily defined as tops, bottoms, “subs”, “doms”, etc. We are very complex creatures. I am not defined by my sexual surrender any more than I was defined by owning a 24/7 slave. I am me; your friend Lion. I happen to have surrendered to my lioness. I did it because I wanted to and keep it up because it feels right for me at this time in my life. I am still a pretty dominant man. I am fully independent except for those parts of my life that Mrs. Lion has decided she wants to control. I haven’t undergone a metamorphosis from “dom” to “sub”. I am just as good with a flogger, paddle, whip, needles, bondage, etc. as I was before. I can still teach others how to handle lifestyle D/S and how to safely inflict sensation.

Many of the other blogs I read are written by men who have surrendered some part of their lives to another. As far as I can tell, not one of them is the stereotypical, submissive wimp so often portrayed online. They are smart, literate, and strong. Surrender is a choice for them as it is for me. I’m sure that Mrs. Lion has no illusion that if I decided not to surrender that she could make me. What we do is consensual. But it isn’t who we are. Too many people online make the mistake of confusing that.