There’s nothing I want less than to go shopping on Black Friday. We do have to run an errand later but if I can help it I will avoid any area that is near a store. Since we’ll be heading out in the afternoon we should miss most of the craziness anyway.

By last evening, Lion and I were full. We were both tired and I figured there would be no play on his mind. However, at 9:30ish, Lion told me he hadn’t been freed in three days. I love his math. I reminded him he was unlocked Tuesday when I fondled him to no effect. He said he didn’t get hard so it didn’t count. I told him it wasn’t my fault he didn’t get hard and it did so count. It was only two nights in a row since he’d been unlocked. He hasn’t been very horny anyway. At 10 he told me he was a little horny, but he could wait until tonight. What a trooper! [Lion — I am, aren’t I?]

In all the flurry of Thanksgiving cooking, he forgot to remind me it was punishment day. My phone reminded me at 9. When I whomped his butt for it, he said it was silly since he had just forgotten to tell me it was punishment day when he had nothing on his list. Oops! Now he had something on his list. Apparently Lion likes the rules except when he is too busy to remember them. In fairness, I missed my phone telling me at 8 and barely heard it buzz at 9. But it’s not my responsibility to remember it. Fair is fair.

Tonight, Lion will be unlocked and played with. He has five days until his scheduled orgasm. So I have five days to get him horny again. Each time he goes through a non-horny cycle he’s positive he’ll never be horny again. He swears he’s broken. Silly Lion. Doesn’t he know I have ways of curing that?

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    God,how I love the interaction between you. Please don’t ever stop.

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