It Doesn’t Have To Be Real

If you’ve been reading along, you know that Mrs. Lion and I are trying to integrate domestic discipline into our lives. Depending how you look at it, we are either doing fine or we are struggling to find a mutually workable solution for now. This isn’t surprising. It’s really difficult for Mrs. Lion to be an authority figure. That’s certainly not news to me. What we are doing in regard to FLM and domestic discipline is a bit artificial.

Unlike enforced chastity, which is self-contained; it creates the problem – waiting for orgasms and provides the eventual solution — domestic discipline is supposed to deal with real-life situations. That means Mrs. Lion is supposed to observe behavioral problems and correct them with punishments. The only thing wrong with that concept for us is that any behavioral problems I may have don’t rise to the point of provoking a reaction from Mrs. Lion. I certainly do things that annoy her: I forget to do things sometimes. I interrupt her. I get grumpy and growl once in a while.

Most of the time Mrs. Lion doesn’t even mention it when I do these things. In fact, the only times she actually lets me know when there is something wrong is when she gets quiet and remote. Then, after prodding for a while, she will tell me. Clearly, it’s difficult for her to confront me on things that really bother her. She has no problem at all making my bottom hot and sore if I eat before her. I think that’s because this rule was created for my benefit to give her reasons to punish me.

I’m not saying that this is all Mrs. Lion’s problem. It isn’t. It would be a mistake to prod her into letting me know when I upset her by reminding her she can punish me if I do. The punishing part is part of something I asked her to do. That she avoids confrontation is something that belongs to her. In the beginning, I thought domestic discipline would be a good way to make it easier for Mrs. Lion to express herself when annoyed. That is unfair. If it is better for her to avoid that sort of confrontation, then I shouldn’t expect her to spank me when I annoy her. From my vanilla perspective, I would like to know when I annoy her so I can stop. She doesn’t have to spank me to let me know.

Some other couples work out a set of rules similar to the few we have. The dominant wife notes infractions and deals with them as she wishes. These rules are behavioral and don’t necessarily have anything to do with what actually upsets her. In that way the disciplined husband gets the strict environment he wants and needs and his wife doesn’t have to go through psychological changes to make it happen. I’m fine with that.

The very fact that Mrs. Lion is willing to be my keyholder and disciplining wife is a big change for her. I am deeply grateful for the hard work she does just to make me happy. I don’t want her to change. I don’t want her to do things that cause her life to be more difficult. I love her more than anything and her happiness is much more important than mine.