Not A Very Good Day

We spent all day yesterday running errands. We were both tired when we got home and there wasn’t even a hint of play today. We have some more food to buy tomorrow, so I am not sure that won’t kill any chance of fun then too. Apparently chores or shopping drains the energy we need for play. This is probably one of the main reasons we had that long, dry spell. Of course, then there was no communication about this or any real belief things would change. The reality is that it isn’t just Mrs. Lion who gets exhausted. I do too. But I worry that our priorities will drift away from enforced chastity. This is the sort of inertia that has stopped us before. My eye is feeling worse. I may need to ask my eye doctor to see me tomorrow. I have been seeing him every day to monitor the infection. It hadn’t gotten worse from Wednesday to Friday. But it also hasn’t improved. So, even if we both had the energy, I am far from being in the mood for anything sexual right now.

My worry about our sexual activities is probably unfounded. My perspective isn’t very good right now. I am too uncomfortable and worried about my eye to be a reliable witness. All this stuff is getting to me. Most of it is physical. The level of antibiotics going into my eye is also killing healthy cells. They will recover, I am told. Enough lion whining. I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening. I can’t really see the screen too well right now, so this will be a very short post.