Doom and Gloom

We did, in fact, have to make an emergency run this morning to the eye doctor. Lion’s symptoms got worse although the inflammation seems better. Luckily my boss is taking Lion’s fears seriously and is not trying to downplay things. Lion hates when doctors do that. There are clearly three ways this can go. It can get better. It can stay the same. I can get worse. So far it is not getting worse. Some aspects are better. We are on the right track.

As far as our impromptu naps yesterday are concerned, we’ve both been very tired. I find myself falling asleep at work. Lion takes his naps during Jeopardy. I don’t think there’s anything to be alarmed about from a playing, or not playing, point of view. His eye was worse yesterday. We watched some movies last night. It’s not the end of the world if we didn’t play. Yes, I said we would, but reality takes precedence over play. Today we’re doing laundry and have some shopping to do. We also have football to watch. Will we crash for a nap later? Maybe. Does that mean we won’t play? I don’t know. I can’t see into the future. I’m still hoping to. I haven’t ruled it out.

I don’t think we’re heading for the inertia of pre-chastity. Just because we miss a day of play here or there, it doesn’t mean we’ve given up. Have I spoiled Lion by playing every day rather than every other day as I am “obliged” to? Perhaps. It seems when I miss a day he sees doom and gloom in the future. On the other hand, I think he’s worried about the future of his sight and that may be affecting his overall outlook. Who wants a blind, old Lion? Buh, buh, buh. [Lion — I’m not worried we will return to pre-chastity inactivity. I am concerned that we (not just Mrs. Lion) will get comfortable deprioritizing sexual activity] Personally I don’t think he’ll be a blind, old Lion, but even if he is, I still want him. He just has to face the fact that he can’t get rid of me. I am not a fair weather friend.

Is he waiting for me to make a decision about playing today? He might be. So here’s my decision. Let’s get our butts to the store to do our shopping. The laundry will be done soon. We can watch football. We can pause football any time I decide to pause it. We can play any time I decide to play. But here’s the problem: I can’t help it if his eye hurts and is distracting him from playing. I can’t force him to be excited. Can reality derail us? Absolutely. But I will do my best to make sure it doesn’t.

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    There’s a stage play titled “If you ever leave me, I’m going with you!” I haven’t seen it,but I like the intent!

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