Low Battery

(Sunday morning) Saturday night Mrs. Lion gave me maintenance swats. She forgot to do them on Friday and announced Saturday that she would do them that night instead. Well, she makes the rules. She also teased and edged me a number of times. By the time she was done, I was ready to come. She said, “Good! That’s the way it should be.” Yes I guess so. She also said that she wanted to get me off but didn’t want me to say that I had wanted to wait longer. I did say that once. I put my paw in my mouth that time. I’ll hear about it forever. I only have to wait until next Saturday for my scheduled release. It seems a long way off right now.

We just finished breakfast in our camper out here in the smokey, central Washington. Our satellite TV doesn’t work here, but we have LTE Internet and we’re listening to Pandora now. Last night when we went out to dinner, we splurged and got Sangria. My glass was blocked by a giant strawberry. To make drinking it easier, I ate it. Mrs. Lion gave me that look. I smiled sheepishly. She hadn’t eaten yet and she noticed my transgression. I will be spanked Monday night. This is the first time anything I did was noted in a long time. I hate her punishment spankings. Nonetheless I felt a little thrill when she gave me that look. Later, when she began teasing me, I got hard much faster than I thought I would. It did take a long time to get me to the edge the first time, but after that I was so ready.

Right up until Mrs. Lion caught me eating first, my interest in anything sexual was nonexistent. I was sexually dormant. This latest observation is a good clue about my sexual nature. Based on my history and Saturday, I’m not broken. My starter works, but my battery just isn’t strong enough to turn it over. I need a jump start then I am fine. My sexual history bears this out as well. I’ve never been good at initiation, but with a little encouragement off I go. My first experiences with D/S play are the best example of how I work. My partner, who was very smart, would tie me down and spank me, penetrate me, or otherwise play with me. After a session lasting from an hour to just five minutes, she would release the cuffs, lie on her back and say, “Be my attack lion.” (she really did) I would be on her in a flash and we would have great sex. The play jump started me beautifully. Other partners over the years would stimulate me and get me nice and hard. Then I was good to go.

When Mrs. Lion overtly displays her power to me, even if I hate what she is or will be doing, my sexual motor turns over. I don’t get turned on if I am told to do the dishes, laundry or other things like that, so it isn’t submission that excites me. It’s the direct application of power, a sexual jump start, that gets my motor running. For example, even though feeling Mrs. Lion’s power when she told me I was to be punished for breaking a rule gave me that sexual jolt, before, during, and after the punishment I will not be turned on at all. I dread the pain. This didn’t make a lot of sense to me for a long time. I’m not really a pain freak. I don’t get turned on anticipating pain. But I get very aroused feeling sexual power exerted on me.

I’ve tried to find ways to get my sexual battery to self charge. Time will generally get me charged and ready, but usually not enough to make that first move. I’ve tried porn. Some can be pretty hot, but whatever charge it provided disappears quickly. That’s one reason I am not a porn fan. I like watching S/M porn. It isn’t a turn on but I sometimes get information I can put to use.

Periodic teasing gives me enough of a charge to respond quickly when stimulated. The combination of time and very regular edging makes me very horny and keeps me that way. If I am teased daily, by the fifth day I am bucking as soon as Mrs. Lion starts stimulating me. If she stops teasing for more than a day or two, I stop caring and become dormant. I may be intellectually horny; having thoughts that I should want sex, but physically I am indifferent. I guess that makes me a high-maintenance caged male. Without directly feeling power and/or penile stimulation, I fade. I’m sure glad Mrs. Lion thinks I am worth the trouble.