The Lioness Has Eyes

The problem with a three-day weekend is that it quickly disappears. Of course, this is true of regular weekends too. For weeks I’ve been trying to get bagels. The bakery with the most New York-like bagels isn’t too far from here. We never get a move on early enough in the day to get some before they sell out. I figure by noon they’ll be gone, so I never tried then. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to prod our buns out the door by 9. I didn’t care if I went alone or with Lion, but dammit, I was going to get bagels today. We didn’t make it by 9, but we got out not long after. I have no idea what we’ll do the rest of the weekend, but the bagels have been secured.

I know Lion is hoping we’ll do more than get bagels. I haven’t heard a Lion weather report, but I bet it’s starting to heat up again. It’s been a few days since his orgasm. We can definitely snuggle at the very least. I had a headache yesterday, and it continues today, but I won’t let that stop me two days in a row. He needs attention other than the spanking kind.

I’m not sure he’ll make it through the weekend without another punishment. He came pretty close when he called someone stupid for having cat ears on his motorcycle helmet. Lion said it was fine for a five-year-old but not for an adult. How many five-year-olds need motorcycle helmets? And maybe the guy is a veterinarian or a cat breeder. So he spends his money on cat ears for his motorcycle helmet. Lion spends his money on paddles and restraints. How stupid is that? (He doesn’t like when I point out things like that.)

I want to put Lion on notice: I will be watching. It matters what he says and does. The only stupid people are the ones who like Trump and the ones who support the Texas abortion ban. Sorry. If he wants to trash anyone, those are the safe targets right now. Stay tuned as other targets make the list.