“I Told You!”

Lion is funny. This morning I said I didn’t know why I was so tired. He said it’s because he doesn’t get enough sex. He was very horny last night and, although not quite desperate, really wanted to come. After we played I wanted some dessert and asked him if he wanted anything. He said he did want something but I wouldn’t give it to him. Poor boy. This morning, while I was waiting for the laptop to boot up, I checked the schedule to see when Lion’s next orgasm will be. Oops! Last night. He said, “I told you!” He said the least I could do is give him a rain check for tonight. Really? The least I can do? I don’t think so. The least I can do is not play with him at all.

He also wanted me to tie him down. We didn’t do it last night but I’m pretty sure we’ll do it tonight. And maybe I will give him that rain check. I’m usually very nice to Lion. I give him a lot more orgasms than I should according to other keyholders. I figure I’m the one in charge so I can do what I want. How often Lion gets an orgasm is entirely up to me.

Yesterday he asked me why I like it when he’s horny. That one stumped me. It’s a little like asking me why I love him. I can’t quite put my finger on it. He thinks it has to do with my starting to like the power I have. I don’t know. I think it has something to do with his being happy. He won’t be horny unless he’s happy. I think it has something to do with the knowledge that it’s me who made him that horny. Maybe that’s the power part. I just like to know that he reacts that way for me and only me. Is that really power or is that love? Whatever it is, I’m glad he’s horny.

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    It is, for me (with my husband), physical evidence of his desire. Not for sex or for release, but for ME. It puts a smile on my face because it is a unique sort of… Proof, I guess. If he’s hot/hard/horny, it’s because of me. And it’s *for* me. It’s heady, to be desired like that. THAT’s why I like it when my “he” is horny. 🙂

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