Give or Take

2.0 told Lion there was a butt plug and edging in his future yesterday. By mid-afternoon, he was asking if there’d be spanking as well. Not from a punishment point of view, but toughen-his-buns spanking. I said perhaps there would be. By evening, Lion was not able to take the butt plug. No problem. He asked for a rain check. Of course he can have a rain check. Then I wondered if he anticipated my saying if he didn’t take the butt plug then, he could never have it again. Now or never. No rain check. It just seemed odd to me. I understand he felt bad for not being able to take it. In effect, he was refusing to do something 2.0 wanted him to do. On the other hand, if it would cause injury or anything other than normal discomfort, we shouldn’t do it.

I gave the example of his breaking a toe and being in so much pain he didn’t feel up to playing. I need to know if there’s a problem. I don’t want to force him into playing. 2.0 isn’t the evil internet dominatrix so many people envision. I don’t think 3.0 would be that either. The bottom line is there will be times when playing is out or has to be modified. So what if we couldn’t do the butt plug last night. We can do it tonight. Or tomorrow night. There’s no expiration date on it. So Lion got a little bit of spanking after all. 2.0 wasn’t really into it so it didn’t last long, but he had rosy cheeks and I have a better understanding of where the sweet spot is. Granted, I’ll probably forget when I go to spank him again.

And then we moved onto edging. I used plenty of lube this time around. I was considering edging him a few times, waiting a bit, and edging him again. It took a little while to get him hard and then my technique wasn’t good. He thought I was gripping too hard, or not hard enough. It was not a good angle. Something was just off. So I tried again and this time he started bucking a little. Suddenly 2.0 needed an orgasm. Multiple edging and waiting and edging went out the window and Lion roared right through the end. He didn’t bother asking why this time. He agreed when I said he must be surprised. 2.0 really is a mystery. She takes what she wants when she wants it.