We arrived at the campground early yesterday afternoon. Aside from some new problems cropping up in our trailer, it was nice to be out again. As Mrs. Lion pointed out, we have a traveling dungeon, so my bottom and other parts will be treated to both welcome and unwelcome attention. I was late reminding Mrs. Lion that Friday is maintenance spanking day. I told her just after 9pm. Her deadline is 8:30. She reminded me that close only counts in horseshoes. So Monday, our punishment day (or sooner if she wants), I will get a disciplinary spanking. I also irritated her by interrupting a few times as well. She didn’t tell me to make note of these occasions as well. I hope she doesn’t.

While the money situation is desperate now, I have some pretty good prospects for work. In my world, hiring generally requires a “loop,” which is a series of interviews by various managers. The hiring manager was pleased, but another six interviews are needed before a decision can be reached. Getting to this point is a very good sign. The loop will be scheduled for next Wednesday. It will be grueling, but necessary.

Mrs. Lion was too tired for any play on Thursday night. I’m writing this Friday evening and the votes aren’t in on whether or not anything will happen tonight. Lately, the later in the evening it gets, the less interested I am in any sexual activity. It’s not necessarily that I’m tired, but I seem to lose interest as the evening wears on. Mrs. Lion seems to prefer waiting until 10pm. My interest of late is quite low by then. I don’t understand why she wants to wait that long or why my libido declines even when I’m not tired. It’s after nine now and we plan to go out and chat with some friends. That will certainly take it past ten when I have been turning into a sexual pumpkin.

My behavioral changes may be attributable to the financial pressure I am feeling. Mrs. Lion’s distraction and iPad game playing may have the same cause. Technically, I should be sexually available whenever Mrs. Lion wants to play with me. But male sexuality just isn’t that reliable, at least at my age and financial status. She’s been very understanding and hasn’t put any pressure on me to perform. Regardless, I feel pretty unhappy about the loss of sexual pleasure, especially when it is offered to me.

I’m hoping that when we get more rest this weekend that we can enjoy whatever sexual fun Mrs. Lion wants. I miss the activity and arousal. Here I am, a cage-free lion, with a penis that isn’t performing. I need us to feel good enough to play and enjoy one another. Feeling close with my lioness is much more important to me than anything else. I fear that the anxiety I have caused her by being out of work has pushed her deep into her shell and has affected my ability to perform. We have to fix this, job or no job. I’ll do my best to help; hopefully before ten PM.


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    Hang in there buddy.martha’s out of work we lost our Obama care do to a paperwork snafu. Press forward, you still got each other!

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    Enjoy reading the experiences of you and Mrs Lion. Been reading several months. Do you mind if I ask your age range. I am upper 50’s. Sorry to hear about your financial issues with being out of work. Did you cover it in a previous post? Here’s hoping your upcoming interviews go well and that things will be looking up. We’ll keep good thoughts for you and Mrs Lion.
    Thanks, Frank

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      I haven’t explained the exact situation. I have been out of work for some months. Unemployment is running out. It isn’t enough, so things are very tight. I am close to some opportunities. It is a race with the clock.

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