We both slept last night! Of course, we both want to sleep more, and might have if the dog hadn’t decided it was time to wake up. But after not sleeping well for a while, we’re finally more rested.

Today we are off on another adventure. We have a lot to do to get ready so this will be quick. Lion has been wild since Wednesday night. If I unlock him on Wednesday I usually leave him unlocked because Thursday is generally busy trying to get ready. I know I’ll be preoccupied and the last thing I want to have to remember is to unlock him. Not that he wouldn’t remind me. But in a rush it’s one more thing to do.

Lion likes to remind me he’s wild. He teases that he could get in all sorts of trouble. I like to remind him that he better not. I have paddles. I also have the cage, which he wears at my pleasure. If he gets into trouble perhaps he doesn’t deserve to wear it. That’s extreme, of course. I would only threaten that in jest.

Okay. Off to get ready for the trip. The next post will be riverside.

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