We’re Having Fun

Lion listened to me yesterday, like a good boy. He brought in the laundry from the camper and washed all the clothes. When I got home I was supposed to go out to get the food in, but I had a few other more pressing things to do. I decided we could do it today instead. Lion offered to do it. I said I would. I didn’t ask or tell him to do it, but if he does it he won’t get in trouble. I know he’s trying to help. I just didn’t want him to do too much or think it was all on him to clean out the camper yesterday. Because he was a good boy, he earned his play session.

Throughout the day Lion told me he was horny. He told me a few times last night too. Rather than be upset at his announcements, I was happy. I like having a horny Lion. And he’s only been really horny in the past week or so. Boy was he horny! It’s fairly rare that he gets that hard. I mean he gets hard, but when the head really stands out he means business.

I edged him a few times. He was really frustrated. Then, as I was just holding him, he started bucking. I’m a sucker for this. Most of the time, Lion just lays there. I do all the work. It’s nice when he puts some effort into it. I’m not saying every time he starts bucking he’ll get an orgasm, but the combination of a super hard Lion and the bucking made me allow him to come. Somehow it’s sexier to me when he works for it. I even got a little turned on by it. That’s definitely a good sign. We’ve been waiting for signs of life in that department.

I’m sure many of you think I’m giving Lion too many orgasms. Too bad. It’s my decision. He’s my toy and I can play with him however I want. The only thing that matters is whether we’re having fun. I’m going to speak for Lion when I say we’re definitely having fun.