While we were on our vacation trip, Mrs. Lion kept me unlocked. In the five days we were away I got used to being able to pee standing up and the other benefits of a wild penis. Tuesday night as bedtime approached I realized that I wasn’t looking forward to being locked up again. When Mrs. Lion brought out the cage and handed me the base ring, I mentioned that I really enjoyed being wild. I asked if I had to put the cage back on. Her answer was a simple, “Yes.” This may seem a small thing to you, but for us this is a sea change. Her simple, “Yes,” sent a powerful message to me. I wasn’t wearing a chastity device because I want to. I’m wearing it because Mrs. Lion wants it locked on to me. My opinion doesn’t count.

Her post yesterday also reflects a major change. She’s decided that if I don’t do exactly what I should, I don’t get any teasing that night. By extension, no playing means no possibility of orgasm either. Punishment may include spanking or other things as well, but she made it clear that I remain locked up for the night, perhaps longer, without any sexual attention. While she didn’t articulate this last night, I did not receive any play because I told her I was tired. Now my behavior directly affects sexual attention I might receive. Mrs. Lion still has the right to withhold play even if she doesn’t feel like providing that attention. We’ve always had that. But now I lose sexual attention of any kind if I displease her. I am not very happy about that.

Up till now, punishment has been restricted to spanking. The spankings hurt like hell, but after the pain recedes I knew that I would get some teasing and edging. I hate the pain, but sexual pleasure would come later. Now, that pleasure will go away if I disobey. I don’t like that a bit. Of course that’s the idea. It doesn’t mean I like it or want it. It means that if I want that sexual pleasure I better do what I am told; period. Mrs. Lion is fond of telling me at the moments when I object that this is what I wanted. Yes it was. Though right now it may not be.

She’s right. That is what I wanted. I liked the idea that I could stop if I was unhappy with things. Tuesday night I really wanted to remain unlocked. I was thinking that I could tell Mrs. Lion that I wanted to stay wild for my Wednesday job interview. I wanted to give her reasons not to put the cage back on. This is a first too. I have always been excited about getting back into the chastity device after a few days’ release. It was different this time. So was Mrs. Lion. She made it absolutely clear that I was back in the cage. Yesterday, in her post, she announced that any time I disobey her it will result in the loss of play at least for that night, perhaps longer. We hadn’t discussed this. Generally she does run things past me before enacting them; not this time. She wrote that I have to learn to be submissive. I can’t argue with that.

I had originally planned on writing about moving punishment closer to the offense. My thought was that a painful spanking given close to the offense would make it much easier for me to associate the consequences with the crime. I was also thinking that most of the stuff that gets me spanked are small offenses. I was thinking that the rather trivial nature of the offenses may make our FLM more like BDSM. I don’t think that way now. So far I have written in the context of Mrs. Lion learning to discipline and become more dominant. I haven’t written in terms of me learning to become more submissive. Of course, as she wrote, we both have to learn our roles. I think she is learning more quickly than I. Nobody asked for my opinion, but here it is anyway. While I hate the idea of losing  sexual attention, I don’t think Mrs. Lion should abandon spanking as punishment. It’s effective. After reading a draft of this post, she clarified that small infractions like interrupting would still result in a spanking, but disobedience would cost me at least one night of play. I can’t argue with that. Well, I never could; it’s not part of my role.

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    After all this time I am surprised that you want a “wild penis”. Having worn my JB for several years I no longer feel comfortable without the feeling of confinement.

    You and Mrs. Lion have a great blog, thank you for sharing your adventures. And best of luck with the job search. Although I was able to retire early, I realize many folks don’t have that option, either mentally or financially.

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