Distractions are everywhere. Even under the best conditions, there are an endless range of things that can get in the way of FLM and enforced chastity. One very important benefit of enforced chastity is that one partner, the male, can’t really “forget” about his agreement. Of course, his keyholder has no such reminder, but a guy with his penis locked up is unlikely to fail to remind her of his predicament. I’ve never needed to remind Mrs. Lion. Since we began enforced chastity she has remembered our agreement. Even now, with things being very difficult, she remembers me. I’m very grateful to her for that.

I do think that these external pressures have had a negative impact on our FLM/enforced chastity. Mrs. Lion forgets to spank me even after I remind her. She’s distracted and tired. I can’t blame her. I am too. I’m not terribly interested in sex. I also wonder how many people really enjoy reading what we write. It’s a time of questioning and grumpiness. The easy thing is to write less and do less. Every day I have to push myself to write a new post. I have to psyche myself up to take care of things around the house. I don’t suggest ways Mrs. Lion can exercise her power. That’s probably a good thing. She doesn’t need any pressure from me.

Like most men in enforced chastity and/or FLM, we are in a power exchange of our own making. I asked Mrs. Lion for all of this. I’m very lucky that she agreed to try. Now, almost a year and a half later it has become a part of our lives; at least it is of mine. From the start, Mrs. Lion has made it clear that she does all this because it makes me happy. Being the contrary critter that I am, I sometimes worry that if I decide I have had enough, she will agree and we will stop.

I’m not constitutionally submissive. At least I don’t think I am. I may be submissive, but strong-willed. Whatever my base constitution, when Mrs. Lion exerts control I get an interesting set of sensations. It’s exciting and scares me a little each time. When she does things that I suggest, those feelings are blunted. It isn’t that they aren’t effective and that they don’t hit me where I need to be hit. It’s just that greedy lion wants his lioness to own her dominance. Is that crazy? Most guys would kill to have a woman like my lioness as his keyholder.

It’s unreasonable for me to insist that she be as motivated in her role as I am in mine. I can’t expect that. So what do I want that I don’t have now? Nothing, really. I guess that it is time for us both to focus more on FLM and enforced chastity. I need to work harder to keep up my interest in sex. I think I can do that. Mrs. Lion has mentioned that she wants to focus more too. I guess my leash needs to be shortened. I may live to regret writing that.



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    I can only imagine how hard it is to write a post daily. I have weeks where I can write a couple but other weeks where I don’t do any at all. I need a hook to get me started–I can’t just come up with ideas. The daily posts by you and Mrs. Lion are appreciated and read by a lot of people even if they don’t comment. Commenting is hard sometimes. You are putting yourself out there and taking a chance.

    And it isn’t greedy or crazy to want her to be dominant more independently. Right now with all of your struggles everything just is harder. None of us get this thing right all of the time. We all just have to try to be who our partner needs while still staying true to ourselves. It is a balancing act and I think yours is doing pretty well. Don’t get discouraged. 🙂 A shortened leash is usually a good start.

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    Your comments mirror my sense in my own D/s relationship. Without my efforts, I don’t think we would be experimenting with this. But, I am grateful my partner is trying, and it looks like your partner is too. It is a beautiful thing.

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    Thank you for your blog, and your commitment to it. My partner sends me links to other “key holder” blogs and I feel they are male fantasy led. Your blog lets me see the real life practicality, joys and struggles with male chastity and relationships.

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      Thanks for the kind words. We share our live; good and bad.

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