Summer Doldrums?

Sorry for the late post. We are at our “campsite”. All the work of setting up for the first time this season wore me out. We both woke up at about 4AM. We decided to watch TV. We saw an old, overacted series, “Thriller.” We slept in and had a light breakfast. Mrs. Lion has planned some fun this weekend. So far I am just not interested in sex. I have a feeling that she can fix that later. Today, the forecast is for high 90’s and sunny. That’s very welcome to me. We have two central AC units in the “camper” so we are cool and comfortable.

I am cage free this weekend. That’s a relief in the camper. I’m not at all used to this state of affairs. For no apparent reason there has been no lion wood at all. I would like to attribute this to our current problems, but I am not sure at all that I can blame it on economic strain. It could also be my “cycle”. I’m used to losing interest for a week or two every few months. Whatever it is, I don’t seem able to shake it. I’m not distressed. I’m just not interested right now. In a more vanilla situation, it wouldn’t be very important if my sex drive is in low gear. But enforced chastity, ironically, has a major focus on my horniness. I don’t want to disappoint Mrs. Lion. I’d get some oysters, but last summer I had nasty food poisoning from some. My raw oyster days may have ended.

We have a fun day ahead of us. We will probably travel around the local area. This is a particularly interesting place for us. There’s a bakery that makes an amazing cinnamon bread. It’s more a pastry than a bread. It makes incredible french toast. Lions do run on their stomachs. Stay tuned for our next chapter. I promise to publish on time tomorrow.