When I woke up early this morning I realized Lion hadn’t written a post for this morning. He was happily asleep after our middle of the night TV watching so I just went back to sleep. It took a while for me to remember to mention it to him after breakfast. I know he was really tired after we got settled in. He may like the heat, but it takes a lot out of him.

As Lion mentioned, he hasn’t been horny. Maybe it’s his cycle. Maybe it’s the finances. It will work out eventually. All I can do is be there and offer. I don’t think there’s any pressure on either of us. At least I hope he doesn’t feel any pressure from me.

Today we’re off to explore the area. We’ve stayed here a few times before so there aren’t many new places. But we’ll have some fun driving around looking for fruit that is in season.

One interesting, or sad depending on your point of view, thing is that by taking our home away from home with us, we still have the same chores to do. Lion still tends to do the cooking and I still tend to do the cleaning. This morning I had to vacuum so Lion’s allergies won’t bother him as much. I wonder if there’s a market for campsite maids. Think about it. People can spend a lot of money on an RV. They might be willing to pay for a campsite maid. And maids are already used to going to your house, why not your RV? It could work!