Confessions Of A House Lion

It’s been phoneless Monday. I expected a call scheduling my second round of interviews for a contract position. Nothing moves quickly it seems. The weather here is refreshingly sunny and warm. It got over 70 deg. yesterday. That’s summer weather around here. We have a hummingbird feeder right outside my home office window. Business has been very brisk. We must have gotten a good review in the Audubon Guide To Dining Out.  Diners are stacked up in holding patterns waiting for a turn at the nectar. Watching the beautiful, impossibly small creatures is constantly entertaining.

Yesterday was my first day after Sunday night’s unexpected orgasm. I’m still feeling happily sated. Last night was punishment night. I’ll let Mrs. Lion tell you about that. My days are spent reading job sites in search of that elusive employment. I also do the laundry, clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. Now that the weather is better, I will try to find a reason to be outside more. As Mrs. Lion mentioned, I am social and I don’t like being alone. Chores don’t ring my chimes. I just don’t have that domestic nature that many chaste males seem to share.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a take-charge person. I love my new role as a disciplined, caged male, but I have none of the domestic instincts that others share. It’s really hard to stay focused on enforced chastity and FLM when my general disposition is not very positive. I loved my orgasm on Sunday night. It felt fantastic. I slept better than usual. But then the unhappy reality of unemployment turned a Sunny Monday into a dismal day.

The fact is that sexual stuff is not a priority right now. The problem is that the real priority is pretty much out of my control. I can control doing the laundry and cooking. Maybe I should try to feel more excited about that. The part we need to fix our smoker arrives today. I can put in an hour fixing it. That will be big fun. If I can get it going, we can have ribs on Wednesday night for dinner. Yum!

What does this have to do with enforced chastity and FLM? Nothing at all. I suppose that the fact that I am naked nearly 24-hours-a-day and that Mrs. Lion expects me to be a house lion has a lot to do with our FLM. I remain in my chastity device. Tonight is maintenance spanking night, and Mrs. Lion will edge me before we go to sleep. I look forward to all of that. The problem for me is the waiting. Waiting is hell; especially for a house lion.

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    Hang in there. While it’s not the same thing worry wise, when I transitioned into this new role, I went from leading a team of 50 with constant interaction to working from a home office absolutely alone and meeting with colleagues via Skype. While mine was my choice and I was only waiting for the travel to start, it was the oddest feeling to be quiet all the time and be forced to watch things like birds outside the window, etc.

    Now, it’s funny, I long for those days from time to time, but I never miss them, if that makes sense.

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