House Arrest

My Lion feels like he’s under house arrest. He’s bored. He’s lonely. He needs a hobby. I have encouraged him from time to time to become involved with the local BDSM community. At one point he did give a talk, but I don’t think people were as interested as they were on the east coast. Maybe people are less structured here. From what I saw, which was not much, people on the east coast love their classes. The one time I went to the local center here, the focus was more on how much sex you can have with how many people. Maybe that’s unfair, but that’s what I got out of the “welcome to the neighborhood” type meeting. Needless to say, I haven’t been back.

It’s times like these I wish we had more friends. I’m sure Lion would feel less isolated if he had other outlets. Maybe he needs the equivalent of the old hardware store where all the guys went to hang out and complain about their wives. He’d probably feel just as uncomfortable as I would if I went to the hairdresser to gossip about the Joneses and their son who’s always in trouble. Lion was watching the Donna Reed show as I left for work this morning and, although I’ve never seen it, I’m sure that’s the type of thing they did. I’m not saying Lion has to get off his butt and do something. He’s been working very hard around the house and keeping himself pretty busy. But I was out of work for a long time before I decided to go back to school so I know how boring it is to be home alone for weeks and months on end. How many times can you reorganize a sock drawer?

All I can do for Lion is keep things as normal as possible. Last night was punishment night. He got six hard swats and stayed still for the most part. Before we went to sleep he noted that we hadn’t played last night. I said I thought he wouldn’t be horny after his orgasm. He agreed he wasn’t. But I think he missed the attention. It’s not that I decided to go back to the every other night routine. I just figured he wouldn’t be horny. That said, I haven’t decided if we’ll continue on with nightly edgings. I was thinking we’ll just play things by ear for a while. When we first started living together, Lion got sex nightly. Play and sex. After a while that gets tiresome. Not that I was bored with him, but can you really expect to maintain nightly play sessions?

Tonight is maintenance spanking night. He’ll get his whacks and then a little later we will play. Will he get edged? It depends on how horny he is. And what I feel like doing to him. And how he reacts to what I do to him.