This weekend was not a very good one. Our camper is stuck. Our brand new smoker needs a new part. The only thing that actually worked right was Lion’s orgasm. It wasn’t his scheduled date, but I adjusted for certain variables. Number one was that I needed something good to come out of the weekend. Number two is that I’m hedging my bets that he will get a job soon and a bonus orgasm along with it. Fingers crossed! Number three is that I can give him an orgasm whenever I want to. Can’t argue with that!

Tonight is punishment night. He’s not looking forward to it at all. I told him we’d be working on him not squirming. I bet he’s dreading it. I always wonder if he gets himself too psyched up for it. Could it possibly be as bad as he thinks it will be? Or is it worse? I remember one time a friend and I skipped some classes. While we were wandering around town we happened to see her parents. She was positive she’d be killed when she went home. In fact, her mother was far worse. She kept telling her to wait till her father was ready to deal with her. When she finally confessed to her father, it turns out, he never saw us. But he said he bet that week of thinking she was in trouble was probably far worse than any punishment he could think of. So I wonder if Lion builds up the severity in his mind to a point that is far worse than anything I will do to him. Not that his butt won’t be stinging. I just don’t think it will be as bad as he imagines.

So far I’ve been sticking to spanking as punishment. I can’t think of another thing that is as powerful. And easy. Delaying his orgasm won’t have much affect now that he doesn’t know what the date is. Besides, spanking stays with him long after the actual swats are administered. He can sometimes feel the sting for hours. The only thing I can see changing about punishment is maybe making it more timely. As soon as he does something, I’d need to punish him. That won’t work all the time, of course. For now I’m keeping things the way they are. But I’m also keeping my options open. He wants me to make decisions. I may decide that his next infraction deserves to be dealt with immediately. Poor Lion butt.