It’s been busy here. We are trying to repair an ancient lawn tractor and I am working hard to complete the migration to the new server. The Journal works! Mail works, but a bunch of other stuff doesn’t. It will be a while before I can get it all sorted out. Last night I left the computer for the bedroom with things still up in the air. Some of the problems are stubborn and annoying. Enough of that. I’m writing this before I head back to bed. I’m not sure how responsive I’ll be after all this aggravation. I’m sure Mrs. Lion will report on this tomorrow.

Steeledsnakecharmer wrote a post yesterday about, among other things, community. She talked about the isolation of not being able to share our lifestyle with, as she calls them, muggles. I know exactly what she means. In her post she mentions a friend who was shocked a neighbor was on his deck naked. Charmer was amused since Snake, like me, is kept naked all the time (CFNM – Clothed Female Naked Male). I’m bare-assed on the deck all year ’round tending the grill or smoker. We don’t have any neighbors who can see our deck, so our secret is safe.

But Charmer’s point is a very good one that also concerns me: there is no available community where enforced chastity and FLM people can get together. I was a member of a BDSM organization for over 30 years. There was never a special interest group, or even a workshop on either subject. Thanks to the Web, some of us can read of each others’ adventures. I like that a lot. But I would really like to meet in person and just talk.

It’s not that Mrs. Lion and I hide our enforced chastity / FLM lifestyle. It’s close to invisible to the “muggles”. Mrs. Lion doesn’t give orders. She’s way too sweet for that. She asks me to do things. Only we know that if I don’t do what she asks, my butt will be paddled. Muggles would never notice. They would just think I am agreeable. No one thinks twice about the woman paying for things. Even if Mrs. Lion decides to order food for me when we go out, it would hardly turn a head. So we can go on with this lifestyle invisible to the outside world. I don’t see any reason why I want to share my kinks or power exchange with strangers or, for that matter, with friends who aren’t into the same thing.

I’ve been kept naked at home for over a decade. During that time, I’ve noticed that Mrs. Lion tends to run around bare too. I am very sure she never did that before meeting me. I’ve asked her why she does it. Her answer is that it is “more comfortable”. I don’t know about that. Part of me would like her dressed more of the time. I really like the contrast that CFNM offers. I want her to be comfortable, but I can’t help but wonder if she hasn’t unconsciously copied me. I’ve been this way for almost the entire time we’ve known one another. I can’t remember when she started, but she’s out of her clothes as soon as she gets home. I do like contrasts, but a happy lioness is more important than CFNM. We now have NFNM.

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    It was just so funny that she was so scandalized by someone being naked in their back yard. It was 5 in the morning and there was a wall around the yard.

    I love the CFNM dynamic. It gives me easy teasing access and keeps him feeling submissive. It’s a win/win. 🙂

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