What Really Counts

Spoiler alert: this post has almost nothing at all to do with enforced chastity or FLR. Ok, you’ve been warned. Mrs. Lion and I have been together for more than a decade. What started as a casual affair blossomed into the love of my life. It didn’t take long and I hardly noticed the metamorphosis. It took us both a bit by surprise.  Of course, at the time, all I knew was that I wanted to never be without her. She became as important as air to me. That’s a pretty good sign of true love.

As most of us know, that sort of feeling is easy to lose. Many loves burn hot and strong at first, but over time flicker and turn to barely glowing embers. That hasn’t happened to us. When the heat of sex left us for years, my feelings didn’t change. I just wanted to be with her. This may sound sappy and overly romantic, but it truly isn’t.

It hasn’t been easy lately. My job loss has left us in a difficult situation. We both feel the strain and it shows. Many relationships are strained and often fail in the face of financial pressure. That’s not surprising. There is a very frightening loss of control; a real possibility of losing everything. They key word is “everything”. We are no different than anyone else. We like the life we have created together. And that’s where the revelation for me comes in.

Even if we have to move and we lose our prized possessions, we haven’t lost what we value the most: each other. We are both certain of that. That isn’t just a Hallmark sentiment. It’s a fact. No matter what happens, I will kiss her goodnight as the last thing I do before sleeping and will wake up with her next to me. We will tell each other about our day. We will share breakfast in bed each morning. If one of us is sick, the other will be there to help. We will watch TV together, hold hands almost all the time, and do everything we can to make each other happy. And when that inevitable day comes when I die, the last thing I will have done is kiss the love of my life.

This blog exists because I came up with an idea to help  revive our sex life. We didn’t need to do it to save our relationship. That was never in any danger at all. I was just horny and feeling sexually neglected. When I proposed enforced chastity, she had no real idea what it meant. That didn’t matter to her. She said yes to make me happy. It worked. We both like the results. Mrs. Lion isn’t that crazy about the process, but I think she sees value. Even if she didn’t, she wouldn’t stop as long as it works for me. That’s a good enough reason for her.

One of the problems, I think, blogs tend to share is that they present a rose-colored-glasses view of their chosen topics. People who fail at something don’t write journals about their failures. So, the blogosphere of enforced chastity, FLR, etc. is populated with success stories and endorsements of the practices. You have to know that what you read constitutes the “good parts” of people’s lives. Even the most sex-laden blogs cover a very small percentage of the writers’ days. Sometimes we get glimpses of the other issues in the writers’ lives.

Since most people get here via Google and are looking for information, they aren’t terribly interested in who we are, just what we can teach them. That’s fine. So, this piece is irrelevant for the information-seekers. But I think it is important for the two of us. We constantly tell each other how happy and lucky we are to be together. It doesn’t get old. Each reminder feels very good. We don’t talk about FLR and enforced chastity all that much. It’s there, but it doesn’t define our relationship. Our relationship is defined by our devotion and love for each other. Yes, I am locked in a chastity device 24/7. I can’t forget that. But it isn’t necessary for my dear lioness to know that I won’t have an orgasm that she doesn’t provide. It does its job in that I can’t have one even if I want to, but more importantly it is a symbol of sexual fidelity.

The reason I decided to write this post is to share what happens in our case when life intrudes. Times are hard right now. We did discuss whether we wanted to suspend chastity and FLR. We couldn’t find a reason why we should. It’s irrelevant to our problems. It’s a part of our lives that is unaffected by external stress. No matter what happens next, we have one another. I would be lost without her. As long as we are together, the other stuff, while painful, is something we can manage together. In the end, all that really counts to me is having my sweetie with me. The rest is just noise.