Diapers and Girly Toes

I had to postpone last night’s play session. I was having a problem with the bank and I just wasn’t in the mood to torture Lion. I’m sure he thinks it would have been the perfect way to relieve stress, but I don’t think so. I have to be in a better mood to play. Tonight will be better for me. I don’t think Lion was much in the mood either. He had been awake most of the night Monday night so he was tired.

For a while I’ve been thinking about diapers and pretty Lion toes. Not together necessarily. I’m wondering if Lion sees them as punishment. I’ve never used them that way. He’s only had pretty toes once but I’ve been meaning to give him sparkly purple toes. There’s no real reason to do it other than my wanting to see his feet all dolled up. I know he hates both the diapers and the nail polish.

If I can use spanking as punishment and play, then I am assuming I can use diapers and girly toes the same way. It would just depend on the context. That’s my assumption at least. Lion may feel differently. And I don’t want to send mixed signals. Then again, if you tell a kid they can’t sleep over at Jimmy’s house because we’re all going to Grandma’s birthday party versus being grounded because he hasn’t done his homework in a week, I don’t think that’s mixing any signals. Same result for different reasons.

So Lion will have girly toes and diapers in his future. No frilly panties. They do nothing for either of us. At least the diapers and pretty Lion toes make me smile. Poor boy.