Chef Lion

As you’ve read, Lion has a new obsession. It shouldn’t surprise me. He’s usually like a kid in a candy store when he gets a new toy. He has to learn everything about it and talks about it constantly. I knew he’d love his grilling class. That’s why I practically pushed him out the door last weekend. I also know that a long time ago when he was out of work he binge-watched Food Network and taught himself to cook better. When he came home all excited about ribs and brisket I knew we had to buy some.

Lion left the decision up to me whether we could afford so much meat. The truth is I would have sold my truck to be able to buy him whatever he needed to cook his heart out. I’m happy to see him happy. And he smells yummy when he’s been outside with the smoker for a while. Applewood Smoked Lion should be a cologne. Luckily, we had a few gift cards that paid for the ribs and, if you consider how many meals the brisket is sure to provide, it wasn’t expensive at all. At some point in the future I wouldn’t be at all surprised to come home to find a side of beef hanging in the garage with Lion happily carving it into all the cuts that are perfect for smoking.

The other night when I gave him his orgasm, it was not his scheduled night. I didn’t care. I wanted to give him one. And, as Lion said, using the lube, I couldn’t taste it afterwards and I couldn’t feed it to him. This was purely an I-want-Lion-to-feel-good orgasm. And, yes, I did consider riding him, but I love to watch him while I play with him. Sometimes he looks like he’s concentrating so hard. Sometimes he sneaks a peek. Sometimes he looks like he’s very content. All without any sounds. Those don’t come until the very end, when his legs tense, his toes splay out, and he’s over the edge. Yes, I love watching him.

Last night he thanked me again for his orgasm. He said he feels happy. I told him it was just a bad batch of semen. Once I purged it from his system he was back to his old self again.