Diminishing Returns

First, the news. Yesterday, as promised, Mrs. Lion tied me to the bed face down and gave me a long spanking She started gently but rapidly accelerated the frequency and strength of the blows. She got me quite red and sore. I loved it! Then she turned me over and gave me an amazing oral orgasm. What a great way to spend part of Sunday Afternoon!

One of the most perplexing questions a new keyholder has to answer is how long to make her caged male wait between orgasms. Male fantasies abound with ideas ranging from using a wheel of fortune or dice to determine the next date to never coming again. His partner is having trouble understanding why he wants to wait at all, so this dilemma. The fantasies claim that as the male gets hornier and hornier, he will become increasingly attentive to his keyholder. Pretty much anywhere you look on the Web, you will find this story. There is some truth to this concept. Many men experience a temporary slump in sexual interest for some time after they orgasm. So, by keeping the guy horny, he should have much more sexual interest in his keyholder. I can see that.

The big question in my mind is how long does this effect last? If the male never gets to come again, does he maintain or continually increase his attention to his keyholder? We know he won’t. At some point, even with regular teasing, he will realize that his orgasm just isn’t going to happen. At that point he has lost the sexual incentive to be attentive. Why? Simply put, a logical motive for all this intense attention is the hope that by arousing and pleasing her, she will want to please him. In enforced chastity, the orgasm can be a reward. A savvy keyholder knows that the main value of the male orgasm is that it starts his horny cycle again. Yes, there will be a brief slump, but when that is done he will be attentive.

This behavior can be observed all through the animal kingdom. Males go about their business until they sense a female who may be available to mate. At that point instinct cuts in and they exhibit elaborate mating behavior. Humans may be more subtle, but we are still animals and nature has equipped us with the tools to convince a female to mate with us. The reason, I think, that all the fantasies are so similar is that enforced chastity essentially forces us males into more-or-less continual pre-mating behavior. Without the control of enforced chastity, we might be able to mate, or at least masturbate. This relieves the building sexual tension. Without any outlet, our mating dance will get more and more urgent. This is exhibited by increased attention to our mates; not just sexual, but in other areas too. Ok, that explanation has some scientific validity. It offers an explanation for the fantasies that go along with enforced chastity. Is it accurate? I have no idea, but I think it is a useful working theory under which a keyholder can operate.

I know that the longer I wait, after a point I start to lose interest. The interest is easily revived by edging and other sexual teasing, but at some point even that won’t work. Then, I will go into a decline in sexual interest. Once that begins, extremely long waits are not difficult at all. Any behavioral changes that accompanied my urgency will also fade. So, there is a point of diminishing returns, after which sexual interest starts to decline. If the objective of the enforced chastity is to push the desire to mate to the extreme, an orgasm must be provided before that point is reached.

How long is that? I suspect that varies for each male. It could even vary at different times for the same male. So, a very valuable keyholder skill is to carefully observe her caged male and note when his ability to get aroused starts to drop off during a tease session. That’s a signal it may be time to consider giving him an orgasm. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Lots of other factors can get involved as well. So, a keyholder has to objectively consider his behavior and compare it with how he behaved in the past. This is another reason why enforced chastity takes months to even start getting on track. There is a great deal of experimenting needed to work out the best patterns. Fortunately, that experimenting can be a lot of fun.