Lion and I almost never fight. Sure we have disagreements. Don’t ever expect us to agree on music. We drive in silence because of that. Of course, I think I am much more tolerant of his music than he is of mine. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since I am fairly agreeable to doing chastity and domestic discipline for him.

Although we do a lot of communicating here on the blog, and we have been talking more face to face, apparently I’m not the mind reader Lion thinks I am. Or maybe I didn’t pick up the oh so subtle hints he was dropping. Quite often I take what he writes to heart. He talks about tops who do this or don’t do that and I automatically think he’s talking about me. Then he reassures me that those are general statements. Well, in his posts lately he’s been writing about specifics of what works for him and what doesn’t work for him. He said words mean a lot.

Hey, I use words. Sometimes I use a lot of them. And I thought I was thanking him for all he’s been doing around the house. I thought I was looking out for him when I told him not to do too much because he’s in pain. I thought I was being nice for not punishing him when he did do too much because he’s in pain. But there was something missing. A disconnect. So now it’s out in the open. And we’ve actually talked about it. And, magically, we’re good again.

So last night the only thing I did with my iPad was to move it out of the way. I didn’t even charge it. My phone was buzzing. Those stupid notifications from apps that you think you’ve turned off but they still keep happening. And I didn’t even plug my phone in. I was present with Lion all night. Earlier in the day I emailed him that last night was garbage night, punishment night, and lock the Lion back up night. I left him wild until we settled our differences. I then told him it might even be rescheduled orgasm night for him since he hadn’t gotten the regularly scheduled one. He was happy about all of it. Later in the day he told me he was very horny. I told him to keep his hands to himself or, more correctly, away from himself.

I asked him what was on his punishment list. He told me and I got out the paddle. I told him I should give him more swats just for making me punish him at all. When I was done he said he thought the punishment would be a lot more severe. He doesn’t know I’ve decided to complement his normal punishment nights with a week’s worth of “just because” punishments. If he’s going to act like a toddler then I guess I have to treat him like one. Each night he will receive extra swats because he wrecked my perfectly nice birthday and made the next morning hell.

Well before our usual ten o’clock play time, I started snuggling with him and playing with him. I was talking with him all the way up until I put his cock in my mouth for his blow job. I teased him mercilessly for a while. I didn’t actually edge him. I just got him fairly close and then stopped. I tasted his precum and kept right on teasing. There’s no way he was going to be able to say he didn’t get enough attention. And finally, when I figured he was more than ready, I finished him off. I always like to think I’ve given him the best blow job he’s ever had. There’s no way I can top myself each time, but it’s what I strive for. It was certainly a much better night than Wednesday.

And now we’re back to it. Recommitted to chastity and domestic discipline. Not that we were ever in any danger of stopping either. It’s just always hard when things fall apart.