Deal or No Deal

Yesterday I presented Lion with an opportunity to trade an orgasm for a few days of wearing diapers. He would have to wear the diaper after work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He would have to sleep in the diaper and then remove them for the work day. He would be allowed to change the diaper as soon as it was wet. He pondered this idea for quite a while, offering suggestions (because he can’t ever quit while he’s ahead.)

The first issue was that he is working from home today. I had completely forgotten. Did that mean he had to be in a diaper all day? What about his doctor’s appointment? Crap! So I amended the task. I only expected him to be in the diaper during non-work hours. He decided he should wear the diaper during the day too, but remove it before going to the doctor. Ok. Sure. (This is requiring way more thought than I had anticipated.)

The second thing he thought of was that he shouldn’t get the orgasm until he wore the diaper. Getting the reward first was not the right way to do it. Um. Ok. But if he wore the diapers for the three nights then he would be only two days from his scheduled orgasm anyway.

Then he decided that he would try to wear the wet diaper for longer. He felt he hadn’t given that enough of a chance when I suggested it months ago. Ok. Fine. (This is now taking on a life of its own.)

His last bit of input concerned the timing of the offer. He was horny, but not out-of-his-mind horny. If I had offered it to him when he was out of the cage or after I edged him a few times he would agree to almost anything. Yes, that’s probably true. I’ll have to take that into account next time I offer him a trade. Lesson learned.

Last night he told me he was declining the offer. He said he could wait for his orgasm. I don’t think I’ll give him any other offer before Saturday. But it is worth experimenting with this new idea in the future.