The idea of trading for orgasms has a lot of appeal for me. It feels very similar to the way I feel about enforced chastity itself. It’s one thing to obediently wait until Mrs. Lion decides to let me orgasm, but something completely different to have to earn one. Essentially, I’m required to do or endure something before (or after) I get the chance to come. I think this is another one of those things that is really appealing when I am horny. You know, like eating semen; it feels so hot until I actually come and then, yuck! That came home to me on Tuesday. Mrs. Lion offered to give me a bonus orgasm Tuesday night if I would wear diapers the rest of the week (not at work, of course). I thought about that a lot. Since I was at work at the time and removed from direct stimulation, my cooler head prevailed and I declined.

That doesn’t take anything away from the excitement I feel thinking about that offer. Maybe some primitive part of me responds to performing for a reward. I think this is just another flavor of discipline. In one case it is pain for disobedience. In the other, it is extreme pleasure for performing well. Both seem to work for me. The more desperate I get for that orgasm, the higher price I will pay to get it. Predicament chastity!

From the keyholder’s perspective, rewards for performance are a lot less trouble than tracking infractions and administering punishment. All Mrs. Lion has to do is think of something she knows will be difficult for me to do and then use that as the price of my next orgasm. This works even in the case of scheduled orgasms. No one said that I get them free, just that I can expect one on that date. There can always be an “if” attached.

You can tell that these power exercises reach me deep inside. That’s why I have been thinking so much about them. I think that they affect me so deeply because I truly hate wearing a diaper, especially a wet one. So tying my orgasm to wearing one is a true predicament for me. In Tuesday’s example, I just didn’t want to come badly enough to agree.

There’s something extra powerful about making me agree to accept something rather than just inflicting it. This is amplified further if Mrs. Lion finds the predicament entertaining. Of course, things can’t always be left to me to accept. Discipline is also required. I think we have discovered a new way to make things more “interesting” for me. Poor Lion!