Those Darn Love Coupons

These coupons were a big hit when I gave them to Lion, but since then have turned into a giant pain in the ass. He loves them. He hates them. He’ll never use them. He’ll definitely use them. I should take them back. He wants to keep them. Around and around we go.

Yesterday he said I should take them back because they give him too much power. He’s said this before. We’ve gone over it and decided he should keep them. But now he says he doesn’t want them until he learns to surrender. I’m not sure what he’s been doing for the past year, but to appease him I told him I’d take them back. I wouldn’t have given them to him if I didn’t want him to use them. But this back and forth is getting old.

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Last night after my orgasm I set my calendar for January 29 for my next one. He said I was very lucky to only have to wait three days. I told him I’d trade dates with him, but he probably wouldn’t want to trade since it would be similar to the coupons. Mistake. Then we went round and round again about the coupons. He said he thought I wanted to make him wait longer and longer so he didn’t want to change that by using a coupon. I don’t care how long he waits. I set dates because he wanted a set date. I don’t care if he waits six days, six weeks, six months. Sometimes I give him an orgasm because I want to. I have fun playing with him and decide I need him to have an orgasm. Personally, I’ve always thought that if I’m playing with him he should have an orgasm. He’s the one who wants to be teased and made to wait. Ironically I could, and have, waited months between orgasms without any problem at all. We’re just wired differently.

In the end (at least last night’s end) we decided he would keep the coupons. He had forgotten that using a coupon resets the clock. He has a finite number of coupons so eventually he will have to wait the full amount of time anyway. But we all know that’s not exactly true because I will give him a bonus orgasm along the way anyway.

My takeaway from this: No more coupons! Actually my takeaway is that if I am in charge then what I say goes. No more arguing about the damn coupons. I issued them and I will take them away if I want to take them away. Otherwise I expect them to be used whenever Lion wants to use them. That’s it. End of story. Period. Until the next time he brings it up.


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    Mrs Lion ..your lion is an odd cat

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      She’s been saying that for years.

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