original cb2000 chastity device
This is one of the very first CB2000’s. It was hand made from cast acrylic rings and rods. After a while the maker earned enough money to buy an injection molding mold and the more familiar CB line was born. This particular device is one of the very first he ever made.

I’ve been reviewing chastity devices since the mid 1990’s. I’ve worn both custom and off-the-shelf designs. To be fair, in the mid 90’s, the only off-the-shelf product was the CB2000. It had two very significant advantages: It was relatively inexpensive (less than $200 USD) and you could have one immediately. Custom tubes and belts were much more expensive and required weeks before you would receive it.

Both the price and ease of purchase spurred a lot of interest in enforced chastity. I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of purchases were used a few times and forgotten. The CB2000 was fine to wear for a weekend, but longer periods were uncomfortable.

The device, right from the start, came with a variety of base rings and spacers (to control the gap between the base ring and the cage). The idea was, and still is, to try different combinations to discover the most comfortable and secure fit. Unfortunately, no combination fit me very well at all. The model in the image is the one I tested and the rings and spacers were the best fit I could find.

Nothing’s really changed much since then. Off-the-shelf devices are available with a variety of base ring sizes. Some have cages for shorter or longer cocks, some let you adjust spacing. But given how individual each of our penises is, the chances that you will get a good fit with one of these devices is remote.

Chastity devices are like musical instruments. If you buy one (a musical instrument) just to learn the basics and then play now and then at a party, you don’t need concert quality. But if you make your living playing the violin, for example,  you want the best you can afford. This analogy holds true for chastity devices. If you are buying one just to try out being locked up and plan to use it as part of a weekend or evening activity session, good fit isn’t that important. The device just has to not fall off or hurt you too much to wear it.

If you are like me and wear a chastity device full time, fit is critical. The smallest mistake in fit will, over time, become intolerable. Also, since the device is your full time companion, any issue becomes impossible to miss. That’s why so many guys who are more serious about being caged, choose a custom device. Measuring for this device is a challenge ( see our long article on measuring for chastity here). I have years of experience with this and yet I had to get my device adjusted three times.

Let me explain. I followed all the instructions on our Getting A Good Fit page. Even so, I overestimated the length of my cock. I know, how typically male of me. The truth is that the human penis is very adapt, at least when soft, at squishing down to an incredibly small size and at other times, hang there like a banana. So, like many guys, I overestimated the length of cage I need by a full 1/2″. So what? Well that gap in the front allowed pee to spray all over the place. These devices are design to have the head of your penis firmly pressed against the bars at all times. Fortunately, Mature Metal, who makes the Jail Bird I wear, will adjust devices for a reasonable cost. So, I had the cage shortened by 1/2″. Voila La! Great fit.

I’ve heard people say that after a while the scrotum adjusts and stretches a bit and the base ring that fit perfectly in the beginning starts becoming too large. Sure enough, after about ten months, my base ring was pretty loose. I set the cage back and ordered a new ring (they could have resized the original, but I wanted a “safety” in case the new one was too small). The old ring was 1 3/4″. The one I ordered is 1 5/8″ — just 1/8″ smaller.

When I got the new ring and put it on, after a few hours it started to pinch. After wearing it for 24 hours, I had to go back to the 1 3/4″ ring. Boy was I glad I didn’t have it reduced and bought a new ring instead. Ok, a tiny change, only 1/8 inch in diameter took me from too big to painful. All I could do is send everything back again and have the 1 5/8 inch ring reduced to 1 11/16″. That felt stupid to me. Such a small change!

I got the resized base ring back on Friday. I’ve been wearing it ever since. It fits perfectly. What the hell? A lousy 16th of an inch is enough to go from agony to perfection.

There’s a message here. That message is that when it comes to full time chastity device wear, close enough is not good enough. Tiny adjustments in cage size can be the difference between a comfortable and effective device and one that doesn’t fit well at all. So, if you are just starting out in enforced chastity, measure very carefully and come as close as you can with an inexpensive device. Use it to learn what sizes you need to change. When you decide you will be locked up full time, then order a custom device. Expect to send it back a couple of times (at least) for adjustment. Perfection isn’t easy to attain. Now that I have things just right I am a happy and very horny lion.


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    Know what you mean about penis size but I am over 60 and know what it is most times. I got the smallest size MM had,; 1 1/4″ and that was a very good choice. The tip of my penis touches the end of the cage and the sides of the cage slightly touch me all around my circumference. I normally hang longer than that but I know that my penis can be pushed into my body a little and I went with that. Glad that I did. It is very comfortable and it prevents erections. I get sore around where the ring is from trying but my wife and her girlfriend are happy. Now they have erection denial as well as orgasm denial.

    I am not too happy about the erection denial part because I used to enjoy getting hard in my too long CB or Holy Trainer tubes. Now all I have is some pain as the cage moves away from my body as my penis tries to get hard and can only push the cage further away from my body. Watching porn is no more fun.

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    I really appreciate your article on sizing for a chastity device and your advice was wonderful and really helped me find the right fit for the device as I will be have it on for long periods of time. Thanks!!

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