Good Lion Reward

Last night I gave Lion his reward for cleaning up the breakfast dishes on Saturday. It was a Good Lion! coupon for an extra play session of his choice. That means on a night that isn’t normally a play night, he can redeem the coupon for any play he wants.

Lion loves this coupon. He has six months to use it, but I think he might use it sooner rather than later. I’m not sure why this coupon is so easy for him to use. Isn’t he taking back some control by telling me he wants a certain type of play at a certain time? How is that different from the orgasm coupon?

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I know. I know. Shut up, Mrs. Lion. Don’t give him a reason to think about it. I’m just curious. What’s the difference?

I’m actually thinking of expanding the parameters to include his being able to choose the method of play on a regularly schedule play night. I’m not sure he’d see any value in that. It’s much more powerful to add a day than to just select what will happen. Maybe that’s an idea for another reward coupon.

It’s definitely easier for me to give him a reward than a punishment. I haven’t done much of either, really. Lion printed out a lot of coupons for me to give him. More Good Lion! than Naughty Lion! of course. I’ve only ever given him one of each. I added a day to his wait. I gave him a bonus orgasm with no strings attached. Understandably, he wants more.

Could this be a case of be-careful-what-you-ask-for? Absolutely!