Orgasm Calendars

I spent a few minutes this morning reviewing Lion’s orgasm schedule. I must have miscalculated. I don’t think he ever had a 25 day wait on the books. I think the longest I’ve given him now is 18 days. I just heard him gasp as he reads this. Poor boy.

I’ve tried to vary the length of time between orgasms. I don’t always want to make him wait nine days, for example. On the other hand, I don’t want a lot of long waits. I think the shortest is five days and then there’s the 18 day wait mixed in there. I made it all the way into May and the only reason I stopped was because Lion had breakfast ready. He’s such a good boy. And he took care of the dishes because I had to get to a business meeting. He may even get a reward for that.

When I told Lion what I’d been up to he liked the idea of my working on the dates but hated the idea of having to wait. It’s his conundrum. He wants to wait but he doesn’t want to wait. Just like spanking. I sort of like the dates. I mean I like having them all thought out ahead of time. Then all I have to do is consult my calendar and there they are. Easier to change the orgasm calendar.

As for my own dates, I am less enthusiastic. I had the first few about a week apart. Lion didn’t like it that long. Then I did three or four days between them. Lion liked that. It felt like pressure to me. I’ve got to find some sort of balance. I need to get my mind involved somehow. Obviously my body is willing. I wonder if I can be hypnotized into wanting more sex and less food. I’ll have to look into that.