I seem to get it wrong very often. When Mrs. Lion does something that hits a hot button, I tend to believe that she has somehow changed, turned over a new leaf. This happened the other night when she used the Njoy butt plug on me. She inserted it in a direct, rather impersonal way — lube it, lube me a bit, firmly insert it with no pause. Her usual pattern is to be much gentler, stopping frequently to let me adjust to the intruding device. She wasn’t rough about it. It hurt, but that lasted only a couple of minutes after it was nestled inside me.

I liked what she did. I didn’t care too much for the pain, but I liked feeling that authority. The problem is that she didn’t see it that way. She said that my position was a bit awkward and she inserted it the best she could. I guess you could say this is classic lion; I read far too much into small things.

The reason for this is that the movie playing in my head casts Mrs. Lion as a loving, but firm keyholder who efficiently exer cises her power over me. I don’t see her as an impersonal department of motor vehicles clerk dispensing punishments and pleasure as part of her job. But I do see her as my loving lioness who sets her mind to do something to/with me and then just proceeds without being overly concerned about my acceptance or reaction.  Spankings, anal insertions, even teasing is performed in a loving and efficient way without my feedback being considered.

That’s my movie. I’m not a cruelly treated prisoner who suffers at every turn. Nor am I a naughty boy who needs mommy to keep him on the straight and narrow. I’m much less role play centric. In my movie Mrs. Lion is my loving partner who, for unknown reasons — psst: we know it is cause I asked her, but don’t tell, that’s not in the script — has sexual and behavioral control of me and exercises that control to “train” me. Again, my script is silent as to why in world she would want to do this, or what I do that needs correction. Clearly my screenplay needs a lot of work.

The plot does contain lots of toys that range from butt plugs to devices to give my genitals a shock when I do something wrong — again the script is silent on exactly what I am doing wrong. Similarly I get spanked, get my wait extended, or some other horrific-but-sexy punishments are meted out as needed.

That’s the basic movie. It’s very hot to me when it runs in my head. When Mrs. Lion actually does some of those things, I genuinely dislike them at the time, but they are deeply satisfying later. So, when Mrs. Lion does something as small as slightly changing how she plugs my butt, I react by believing she has taken her role to heart. It isn’t realistic of me to make that assumption, but wow, she just acted a scene in my movie. Has she decided to take the part?

It really doesn’t matter if she follows my script at all. She is already giving me exactly what I want: she keeps my penis locked up, she makes me wait no matter how horny I get, and she spanks me now and then. That’s a lot. It’s more than I have any right to expect. I’m not an ungrateful lion. I just want to explain why I can blow a small change up into a lioness transformation. Mea culpa.

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    One thing I’d say to try on the punishments is doing a kind of role play. With me I’m great at following rules. I have a bedtime and other rules that I love. I follow them pretty well. That doesn’t leave much punishment that I desire to feel her control and authority. We do funishments. We’ll be having a normal conversation and she’ll find a reason to funish me. It could be any reason she wants. She makes it fun. The funishments aren’t really bad. I could have an hour earlier bedtime, have to stand in the corner for 10 to 30 minutes or have something taken away for a period of time. It’s all in fun. Might be something to try.

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