Long Waits Ahead

Yesterday was Lion’s scheduled orgasm. He enjoyed a lengthy blow job. I enjoyed a sizable ejaculation. We were both very happy with the outcome. Then I checked my calendar and set Lion’s new date for February 2. Groundhog day. I’m sure he’s hoping that, like the movie, the day repeats itself over and over so he has an orgasm every day. At least for a few days. But it won’t.

Up till yesterday I had his schedule of dates in an email that I had to go searching for every time I needed to change his calendar. Now I’ve put it in my phone’s calendar so I can access it more easily. In doing so I realized that he has a few long wait times coming up. Most are in the range of 9-12 days but he has a 16 day and a 25 day wait as well. He’s not happy about that. He’s gone from “that’s too long” to “I can wait as long as you need me to” to “I’m glad I have those coupons.”

I think I chose the dates before we decided that he didn’t really like marathon waits. And I’m sure to some of our readers who really do have marathon waits, a wait time of even 25 days seems like the blink of an eye. I may change those dates before I even schedule them. Not that I don’t think Lion could make a long wait. It just isn’t something either of us is into. It’s like his frilly panties. He doesn’t really want to wear them and I don’t really want to make him wear them so they’ll stay in the drawer until I think he needs to wear them. If I get to a point that I think he needs a 25 day wait I can certainly give him one. I have no idea under what circumstances he would need a 25 day wait but I’ll leave the possibility out there.

For now he has to wait nine days. Absolutely doable even without bonus orgasms or coupons. It may actually be his optimal wait time.